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It’s not easy to hold a toddler’s attention. These energetic tiny humans are often too curious about the world around them to appreciate whatever their parent’s might be trying to show them — no matter how cool we think it is. Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell recently tried to get their daughter Grace Warrior to play with a koala bear (!!), and she had the most toddler-like reaction to the whole thing.

“Hi Koala!” Irwin says in a video posted to Instagram today. A gorgeous gray koala gives Powell a big snuggly hug next to Irwin, who is holding Grace. She’s trying to get her daughter to notice the amazing creature right in front of her, but she is distracted. The little girl, who turns 2 in March, is focused on something in the background. Irwin looks back and realizes what’s happening. “Oh, do you see rhinos?” she asks.

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“Rhinos!” Powell exclaims, indulging his daughter for a second. “What does a rhino say?”

Grace makes the cutest rhino sound in response, clearly obsessed with the impressive beast enjoying the sun at the Australia Zoo behind them. “Yeah, rhino!” Bindi adds.

Then, Powell tries to win back Grace’s fleeting attention. “Can you say koala?” he asks her, then repeats himself. Grace is laser-focused on the rhinos walking around, not even blinking in acknowledgement of her dad. Irwin turns toward her husband and whispers, “But there’s rhinos behind us!” “There’s a rhino” he whispers back and laughs.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” Irwin continues, “but there’s a rhino!” At that moment, Grace turns and exclaims, “Mum!” What a cutie!

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“I know you wanna go see rhino, can you give koala a pat?” Irwin asks, expertly twisting her body to put Grace front and center with the koala. Powell makes one final effort to get his daughter to notice the animal he’s holding. “Do you wanna pat koala? Pat here?”

“Gentle pat,” Irwin instructs. Grace reaches out with one finger — clearly just doing the minimum to please her parents — and Irwin exclaims, “Good girl! Good job.”

At the end, they try to get Grace to kiss the koala, and she gives them a blank look before touching the koala’s fur again. She is clearly in no mood for their antics. At the end, she smiles for her mom, knowing that she is the star of the show no matter what she does.

“Grace’s smile at the end ❤️❤️❤️,” the Crikey! It’s the Irwins star captioned it, and all is forgiven. Even the Irwins can’t beat a toddler’s attention span!

“Oh my heart 😍 how adorable,” one person commented. “She’s the cutest and sweetest little girl 💝🦏🐨,” another said.

“This video made my day. 🐨 💓 💓” someone else wrote.

This is definitely a good one to save for the next time you feel bad about your toddler ignoring you. They just can’t help it!

These celeb families wouldn’t be complete without their furry friends.

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