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Living with a toddler is exactly like being in a real-life horror movie. They wake you up in the middle of the night, just staring at you. They scream like they saw a ghost, when really you just forgot to give them the blue cup. And they know how to pull the ultimate magic trick and disappear before your very eyes. Terrifying, right? (And I didn’t even mention the scary stuff you’ll find in their diapers!) Drew Scott filmed a mini horror film starring his 16-month-old Parker, and all parents of toddlers are laughing at the relatability.

“When you take your eyes off your toddler for two seconds,” the Property Brothers co-host wrote on a new Instagram video, which is aptly set to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” song.

After setting Parker down in a playpen, Scott turns around to open the fridge. He glances back, and Parker is gone! He’s somehow escaped from his zippered-up playpen and is now crawling across the dining room toward the living room at breakneck speed.

“Dad can’t even get a snack break?! #parenting #DadLife” Scott captioned the hilarious clip. First of all, this is so true. My 18-month-old keeps me constantly on my toes, finding new and creative ways to destroy the house or put himself in danger. Toddlers are looking for trouble! And second of all, who knew Parker was such a great actor? Get him on HGTV, stat!

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“Haha, this video sums up parenthood pretty well! 😂” one person commented. Someone else wrote, “I’m surprised your baby didn’t follow you to the kitchen, instead [he] ran away from you instead. Cute. Ahaha.” Don’t worry, that’ll come! Then you’ll have to start hiding the good snacks.

Another warned that parents can literally never look away again. “Sir it doesn’t stop. My son is 6 and I found him in the ‘Harry Potter’ closet eating a sleeve of Oreos in the time it took me to put an empty cup in the sink & wash my hands 😅😅😅😅,” someone else wrote.

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One person suggested wearing sneakers at all times to keep up. “I can also relate! Just wait until he starts walking………wear your running shoes!! 💯❤️🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰” they said. Parenthood is exhausting!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 08: (L-R)  Linda Phan and Drew Scott attend the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association hosts "Meet Me In Australia" to benefit Australia Wildfire Relief Efforts at Los Angeles Zoo on March 08, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Scott shares Parker with wife Linda Phan. The couple recently took Parker out to eat, and he immediately tried to escape by climbing over the booth. It seems to be a habit for this kid!

“Apparently the conversation is better in the other booth 🤣,” he jokingly captioned the cute photo.

Parker may be a handful, but he sure is adorable!

Before you go, check out all the times Drew Scott and Linda Phan gave a glimpse into life with their son, Parker.

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