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Getting a baby to take to a pacifier is hard business. Some of them just straight-up won’t. And most of the rest will take some time to settle on their fave. But here’s the thing, sleep-deprived parents who need the crying to stop don’t have endless time or patience to randomly pick which pacis to give a whirl. That’s where the internet comes in handy (as it often does).

Tommee Tippee is a long-standing favorite in the baby gear world. They’re known for their baby bottles (THESE are 56% off for Prime Day). And more and more, they’re becoming known for their pacifiers. Not only do more than 22 thousand Amazon shoppers (Yes, 22K!) love the ultra-light silicone pacifier, but several celebs co-sign the sentiment.

Meghan Trainor’s newborn son was using one in his first photos, and other celebrities like Rihanna and Halsey have been spotted using the fan fave.

So what’s the big whoop? The Tommee Tippee Ultra-Light Silicone Pacifier is [ultra-] light enough to stay in a baby’s mouth longer. Because the lighter a pacifier is, the less of a strain it is on itty bitty mouths. The less of a strain, the less often it is spit out. The less often it is spit out, the less often parents have to pick it up, and the more often the baby stays calm. Following?

Plus, the medical-grade, BPA-free silicone nipple is symmetrical meaning there is no “right” or “wrong” way to put it in baby’s mouth. This makes the whole thing easier for (again) sleep-deprived parents struggling through the new-parent brain fog.

Bonuses: It’s dishwasher safe and the pack of four is on sale for $12 on Amazon Prime Day. Yup! They’re just $3 each. Not an Amazon Prime Member yet? Be sure to sign up HERE to take advantage of all the great Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals available right now.

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Image: Tommee Tippee

Don’t forget, 22 thousand shoppers love this product. Including those who have bought the pacifiers multiple times to keep in various places. Go ahead, store one in the nursery, the playroom, the diaper bag, the stroller, the back of the high chair…you get the picture.

“This is the absolute BEST pacifier that my baby has ever used,” one person said. “She can easily keep this pacifier in her mouth and prefers it to any other brand. They are easy to clean (just pop in the dishwasher!), dust doesn’t cling to them, and have not been an issue for my exclusively breast-fed baby. So many of my friends recommended this to me and I’m glad that I made the switch.”

“These are the only ones our baby would take,” another commented. “Such lifesavers!” 

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