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Eddie Hall has spent the last two years leaning down and refocusing his training to include endurance, speed and agility in addition to his trademark strength. While still best known as a professional strongman, Hall is currently dedicated to retraining as a boxer, and is expected to make his debut in the ring against longtime rival Hafthor Bjornsson.

Hall is also a prolific YouTuber, sharing workouts and teaming up with gymnast Nile Wilson and fitness model Ryan Terry to film wild physical feats. Earlier this month, the former Britain’s Strongest Man title holder challenged the “UK’s Fittest Man,” CrossFit athlete Zack George, to a boxing workout.

And now, in a new video on George’s channel, it’s payback time, as he joins Hall at his home gym for a CrossFit workout comprising devil press, hand-release pushups, and dumbbell snatches. George divides Hall’s team up into pairs, and then sets the rules: five rounds of each exercise, performed as quickly as possible, to see who can finish first.

“I’ll get the defib,” jokes Hall, before launching into the intense WOD.

This is far from Hall’s first time at the CrossFit rodeo. He’s taken on some of the sport’s most infamous workouts on his channel before, including the ‘Damn Diane’, which required him to lift all 360 pounds of his own bodyweight via handstand pushups.

Hall also surprises George by inviting him to try out the Iron Neck, a device designed to help strengthen the neck in order to enable boxers to better absorb punches. “I’ve never trained my neck before,” says George. “My neck feels pumped.”

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