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If you follow Chrissy Teigen, you know how snuggly she and her kids are. She’s been capturing the sweetest hugs and kisses lately, and so when we saw that she recently posted on Instagram, we thought we were ready for another family lovefest. But we were seriously wrong. Nothing could prepare us for the heart-melting pictures of her and her 1-month-old sleeping and snuggling on the couch.

Little baby Wren — who has a full head of hair and even fuller cheeks — is cuddling up to his mama in his cozy long-sleeve jammies and bodysuits, and it’s so stinkin’ sweet. In the first photo of the carousel, the Cravings author and her little guy are taking a nap, and it’s such an intimate look at their bond. Then, the last photo is a close-up of baby Wren that had our jaws on the floor and our eyes getting misty.

Hey! No judgment allowed!

Wren — who is the youngest of the four kids Teigen shares with singer John Legend — is sound asleep with his hand resting on his chin, his lips parted, and his cheeks smooshed up against his mom’s chest. It’s cuteness overload and we seriously can’t look away!

“all day all day,” Chrissy captioned the post, following up in the comments saying “These are the only pics I have now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I need to get outside.”

Then take this sweetheart on the porch with you, Teigen because oh my god he is so precious and you can’t leave him behind. And we’re not the only ones who think so!

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“The snuggliest little face!!!!” wrote Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Omg. My ovaries can’t take this. Cuteness overload!! 😍😍😍😍…,” actor Jurnee Smollett said.

“My ovaries are actually throbbing,” model Brooklyn Decker commented.

“Omg! There is nothing better than a scrunched-up newborn. Pure heaven! Savor this moment!” a follower said. And on and on it goes on the post that has more than 460 thousand likes. “The absolute cutest! 🥰🥰🥰.” “I mean…..😍😍😍😍😍” “I just screamed out loud. SO cute!!!”

It shocked the world when Wren was born in June, just four months after Teigen gave birth to his big sister Esti. The little bundle of joy was born via surrogate, making Teigen’s dream of having four kids come to fruition.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted four children,” Teigen wrote in her post introducing Wren to the world. “As a little girl, 2 glow worms and 2 cabbage patch dolls were perpetually in my arms, helping me stir in my pretend kitchen, watching Alf with me. We’d sleep together nightly, each getting the same amount of kisses as to not make the others jealous. My mom always searched for the Pound Puppy with 4 pups in her pouch, having no qualms about opening and peeking inside before purchasing.”

After Teigen and Legend lost a baby boy they named Jack at 20 weeks pregnant in Oct. 2020, the couple reached out to a surrogacy agency. Teigen later realized she wanted to carry another pregnancy. She started the IVF process — “the same process that gave us our beautiful [7-year-old] Luna and [5-year-old] Miles” — while also knowing she still wanted a fourth baby via surrogate. The couple then found “the most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate [they] could ever imagine,” and, well, you know the rest. Teigen became pregnant with Esti and their surrogate became pregnant with Wren.

“Our hearts, and our home, are officially full,” Teigen wrote in the announcement. “And to our Jack, we know both their angel kisses are from you.”

Ever since, Teigen has made it clear just how full her heart is. Even if she’s been able to get any Vitamin D with Wren on her chest. Earlier this month, she shared an intimate and heartfelt post with photos of each of her kids.

“4 people I made (with lots of help from other people lol),” she captioned it. “I love them so much i could explode into 1 million pieces.”

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