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The Corona is apparently to ensure that people have a particularly great need for orientation – and the churches increasingly seek support: worship Broadcasts are booming, whether in the television or the Internet, and also on the pastoral care by telephone, there is a real Run. In France, but also in the Saarland, the Church don’t ring the bell daily bell to call to worship, but as an appeal to the hold it Together.

How to take care of the churches now, where, close to, community, sometimes the community as a long time – and at the same time so dangerous? How does the in euthanasia, where the Touching is so important? How does the but also at funerals, which may take place only under the open sky? What Worries people will tell in this crisis on the phone? And how now, Confidence, hope? What is the importance, especially now, just before Easter, the Easter message of the crucifixion, death and resurrection in the Corona-crisis? About Kirsten Fehrs, Bishop of the diocese of Hamburg and Lübeck in the North Church speaks, in “We and Corona”, the daily Podcast of stern and RTL.


Life in times of Corona: Like the Virus, our country has changed

Fehrs thinks little of the Virus – the disease – as in the middle ages often happened, as a punishment of God. You understand the Situation rather than “audit”. “At the Moment everything is put to the test,” says Fehrs. “The crisis is a kind of stress test, in which we check all of our life once again and also once again re-think what we are doing so unconsciously on a daily basis.” Over Easter, the Christian Festival, which commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, says Fehrs: “There is a victory of life over death and a victory of hope over fear. That is, this symbol is compacted, and a description of our current Situation in this Corona-crisis. The man needs to feel – regardless of whether or not and how deeply religious he is – that it goes behind the horizon.”

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