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 Hi, Father Time? Yes, I’d like a do-over on my baby showers, please. Apparently, you can go to an actual strip club (!!) for your baby shower instead of an awkward living room bash with all your mom’s friends, and I’m speechless. How is this not the biggest trend already? Pregnant Ireland Baldwin just teased some details of her baby shower, and it sounds like the best party ever!

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  • Ireland Baldwin Hoped Her Guests Would Be ‘Distracted’ at Her Baby Shower

    Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Weedmaps

    On a recent episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast, Baldwin explained that she did not want a traditional baby shower (you know, measure-mom’s-belly-with-toilet-paper and pass-the-presents).

    “I hate attention. I hate sitting in a circle and opening presents, and talking to a bunch of people just didn’t seem ideal,” she said, and same. Especially when it’s a female-only event and you don’t have a partner there to share some of the spotlight!

    The only logical next step? Go clubbing, of course. “So, I thought, why not a strip club where everyone would be rather distracted?” Um, yes! She doesn’t want to be the center of everyone’s attention (and probably their personal questions and unsolicited tips and annoying belly pats), so she decided to distract them in the best way possible — with strippers! Love that energy, girl.

  • Kim Basinger Was Apparently ‘Mortified’

    Image Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

    The party took place at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Los Angeles, featuring an open bar. The model revealed that she hoped “everyone would be wasted and have a great time.” Sounds like the coolest baby shower.

    Baldwin’s friends probably thought it was great, but as for her mom, Kim Basinger? She was “totally mortified.”

    “She watched me and my boyfriend get lap dances from eight strippers on the stage, and I think she was just like, ‘What is happening right now?’” Baldwin added.

    Props on her for still going, even if she “hid in the corner” and drank white wine. It would be more weird if she wasn’t mortified.

  • Ireland Baldwin Is Excited to Do Things Differently for Her Daughter

    Image Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Comedy Central

    Baldwin, who is the daughter of Alec Baldwin, is expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Rac (whose real name is André Allen Anjos). In an interview with AS, she shared her excitement about motherhood.

    “What I’m most excited about is really more centered around a lot of things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself that I didn’t have,” she said. “What’s kind of exciting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently than what I was taught was the norm.”

    She went on, “It’s cool that I get to unconditionally love this person and do my best to make her as equipped for this world and badass as possible.” And apparently, that’s starting in the womb!

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