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The goal is clear: in the face of thousands of terminally ill people on the waiting lists are to be donated in the long term for more organs. But how can that be done? After months of lengthy debate, the Bundestag wants to decide today the question of principle, whether a radical reboot to come, like him, a group of Members to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants. Or whether more emphasis is enough in the existing framework.

What is the Problem?

More than 9000 people in Germany are waiting for organs. For you, it’s a matter of life and death. Every person can basically get into this Situation. However, only 40 percent, according to a survey commissioned by the technician health insurance a donor card, on the “Yes” or “no” may tick. In the process, 84 percent have a generally positive attitude. Although the funds send regular forms by the Republic, to push many a definition again and again in front of them. And without explicitly stated “Yes” may not be removed from bodies.

What can be reluctance on the part of organ donation?

For organ donation, the death of doubt, must be free: two doctors must confirm independently the complete and irreversible failure of the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem. Some Worry that the death could be early detected. The organ donation scandals, in 2012, public, unsettled many people. It was about manipulation of wait times for transplants. And, in General, a donation prevents family members may be in the last Moment. Brain-dead are still warm, the heart is beating.

"The Spende"

The last gift of a man who had no Chance — a Stranger but a gives

How did the Numbers?

Has alerted Doctors and policy of the low of 797 donors in the year 2017. Possibly also in view of the increasing debate on the Numbers, but they then went up – last year, 932 people left after the death of organs for other patients, a little less than 2018. However, it had been 2012, 1200. Each donor gave last more than an average of three seriously ill new opportunities in life.

Also in the Podcast “parents ‘ conversation” was an organ donation issue – the emotional result around the question “Would I accept the organ donation of another deceased child, to save my terminally ill child?” you can listen to here:

What wants the group to Spahn?

The principle of expressly required the consent of a group of Members to Spahn and the SPD expert, Karl Lauterbach wants to repent. You strive for the “double opposition” solution, automatically, each donor would be – except it contradicts their consent during their lifetime. You should be able to do at any time and it in a new tab to save. Prior to transplant, a doctor would need to check whether there is an explanation. This is not the case and no written “no is also else” is to ask the next of kin to. But not according to one’s own decision – but only if he knows a written objection or other will.

How to avoid unwanted donations?

A large information campaign for the new scheme should include. In addition, everyone should be 16 years and three times directly with information. Minors come as donors in question, should be a removal of organs only allowed if the parents have consented. In the case of people who are not able to recognize the significance of such a decision – for example because of an intellectual disability to organ donation in principle, be taboo.

What is the counter-proposal there is?

Another group of Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock, and the Left-Chairman Katja Kipping warns of a deep intervention in self-determination. It therefore suggests that all citizens are direct address. Who is asking for 16 years and an identity card to him after ten years be renewed or a Pass, anxious to get on the office Info-Material. When you Pick up you should be able to register directly on-site in a new Online-tab – “Yes” or “no”, Changes are always possible. Also in the foreigners ‘ authorities, there should be something like this. Even the Offices are not to advise but.

How to increase this group, the Donation still?

For the enlightenment also family doctors should play a greater role. You should inform the patient, if necessary, every two years, about organ donation and to Enter into the Register to encourage – but with an open mind and with the note that there is no obligation to make a statement. Basic knowledge about organ donation is also part of the First-aid courses should be in front of a driver’s license examination.

How quickly will Changes come at all?

Both designs provide for transitional periods for the preparations. The new rules of the group to Baerbock will take effect two years after the promulgation of the act in force. The opposition solution the group to Spahn to 1. October 2022 grab.

What was last done for more organ donations?

The nation’s 1,300 clinics, which refer to organs, to get more money and time. A change in the law is but came only in the last year. Especially for transplants, officers, employees now have more free spaces. Hospitals are paid for the process of organ donation better. A new on-call service with mobile medical teams to ensure that the requirements of brain death can be determined.

What are the rules on organ donation in other countries?

Supporters of the opposition solution refer, for example, in Spain, the figures are much higher Donors. There are, however, also included donation after cardiac death, such as the German Foundation for patient protection. In France, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland, the opposition solution is also valid. In Norway, will be asked in practice, members of a collection, whether the Deceased has indicated its opposition to them. In Sweden, the Deceased must have agreed to the rule before the death. Otherwise, members will be asked.

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