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This Father’s Day wasn’t easy for anyone whose dad has passed away — whether the loss was recent or decades ago. But our hearts are truly aching this year for the children whose fathers were taken from them by acts of alleged police brutality. Gianna Floyd wasn’t the only one whose father was killed this way, but George Floyd’s daughter has become a symbol of them all, and her Instagram account reflected that on Sunday.

“Today is a very hard day for GiGi but she is so strong and smiling with her head high,” reads a caption on Gianna’s Instagram account (which an adult has clearly been writing, because social media is a little much for a 6-year-old). “Happy Heavenly Father’s Day George and Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers around the world.”

The video post features an impromptu interview between Gianna and K’Smith Qos, a creative director who photographed her recently.

“It’s been a while, since we haven’t talked to each other in a long time,” Gianna says when Qos asks if she wants to say anything to her father, who was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin lasst month. Floyd had left his hometown Houston and moved to Minneapolis, to pursue work as a truck driver. Gianna’s mother, Roxie Washington, said Floyd had been providing for them from afar.

It hurts us all to think how his daughter was robbed of a reunion with her dad, and that all she’ll have of them are the earliest of memories.

“When I was a little baby, dad would do everything for me. Like change my diaper and feed me all the time and put me to bed,” Gianna says in the video. “When it was time for my birthday to happen, when I was a baby and it was time for my birthday, he would take me to Chuck E. Cheese and he would let me play all the games. He was strong and good to me and he was fun. He’s always going to be fun.”

Gianna’s Instagram also featured a photo that Qos helped her take, of her stuffed unicorn Rainbow holding a snapshot of George Floyd and herself as a baby.

“Happy Father’s Day in Heaven Daddy, look I took a picture of us with Rainbow on my first photo lesson.. I hope you love it 💕#justiceforgeorgefloyd.”

As we all grieve along with Gianna, let’s offer our kids rays of hope with these beautiful children’s books by Black authors.

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