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Andy Cohen recently posted a video on Instagram that proved even celebrities aren’t immune to having the “it’s time to eat a nutritious food” battle with a toddler. In the video, the Bravo star looks so defeated while talking to his son Ben, 4. The little boy isn’t in the frame because, instead, he’s in a top-notch (*wink wink*) hiding spot.

“Ben, what are you doing hiding behind a chair with two bags of chips at seven in the morning?” Cohen asked.

“Uh, eating chips because I love chips,” he said, audibly munching away and sharing a chip with his dad who flashes the camera a smile every once in a while.

Andy Cohen at the premiere of "No Hard Feelings" held at AMC Lincoln Square on June 20, 2023 in New York City.

The TV personality earnestly asked the 4-year-old if he could make him a real breakfast instead, but Ben insisted he eats the snack first and that he does it “every single day now.” Apparently, breakfast can have appetizers too. And apparently, super-yummy snacks qualify. Why were we not told this sooner? If it weren’t for Ben, we might have never known.

“Because chips are my favorite thing,” he said, after making the unmistakable sound of a hand reaching into a bag of chips. “I love chips.”

“I don’t blame you,” Cohen — who is also dad to Lucy, 1 — conceded before trying to explain to Ben that there are certain foods meant for certain meals. “And chips aren’t a breakfast food.”

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“☀️ good morning ☀️,” he captioned the post that famous followers were [rightfully] obsessed with.

“I’m with Ben on this one!” TV personality Khloé Kardashian commented.

“I mean is a chip SO far off from a hash brown ? I’m with Ben !” actress Heather Dubrow said.

“I think we all learned a little something here today,” singer John Mayer agreed.

Way to freakin’ go, Ben! Once again, you have the internet and Khloé Kardashian on your side. Last month, the Watch What Happens Live host shared a video of the father-son drive to camp. Cohen desperately tried to convince Ben that he would have a good day.

“My calculations don’t say that,” Ben insisted. “This is my own calculation. Everyone has a calculation.”

Cohen begged Ben to “recalculate,” but the not-so-happy camper wouldn’t budge.

“My calculations don’t say that too! Every day feelings,” Kardashian commented.

“‘My Calculations Don’t Say That’ is officially my new response for everything I don’t agree with,” someone else said, and it’s clear it’s become Ben’s new response too.

Cohen may insist that chips are not a breakfast food, but Ben’s calculations beg to differ.

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