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Read your sign's monthly horoscope to see what the universe has in store for you, or check out the Pisces personality profile.

Welcome to 2021, Pisces. Congratulations are in order; you made it through the disaster that was 2020. Will this year be better? While that remains to be seen, it certainly won't be boring. The stars are going to be plenty busy, and there will many opportunities for healing; we just have to take advantage of them, both collectively and individually. For much of the last year, most of us were feeling pretty stagnant as we put a lot of plans on hold and stayed home to keep ourselves and each other safe. But now, you're likely starting to look toward the future and wonder what things are going to look like. Your mission for 2021 is to do what you can to heal past wounds, and to keep your eyes forward so that you're ready for whatever comes next. 

The most important astrological events of 2021 are the three times Uranus (which will be in Taurus all year and your 3rd House of Communication) and Saturn (which is in Aquarius and your 12th House of the Unconscious) square other this year. While we'll feel the effects all year long, these two meet on Wednesday, February 17, again on Monday, June 14, and finally on Friday, December 24. When Saturn and Uranus face off like this, which only happens about every 22 years, progressive politics clash with those that are more conservative. But what does this mean for Pisces?

It's time that you do what you can to adjust to our new reality and come out of your fishbowl. 

You are a deeply psychic and empathic sign. Last year, you internalized a lot of the pain felt by the world at large, and it's likely you needed a lot of the space we were all practically forced to take so that you could do some intense processing. However, the world needs you, and most of the time, you thrive on exchanging ideas and energy with others. It's time that you do what you can to adjust to our new reality and come out of your fishbowl. With your House of Self and Communication squaring off, try to ask for what you need, as well as what you want, from those around you. 

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is retrograde from Monday, April 27 to Wednesday, October 6 in Capricorn and your 11th House of Friends. While you were isolating, whether you're single or partnered, you likely found yourself feeling a bit nostalgic and looking back over relationships, perhaps even feeling a bit regretful over past actions. During this transit, try to reframe things and look for ways to grow instead of looking for ways to blame yourself. Right now, you can also expect to see shifts in your relationships, romantic or otherwise. If you have a casual friends-with-benefits situation, it may come to an end. You may also decide it's time to reveal your true feelings about someone, whether that means admitting you have a crush or having a conversation about a one-sided friendship that's taking up too much of your energy. Whatever the case, it would be wise to deepen your meditation practice and work with a therapist during this time. 

There are three Mercury retrogrades this year. The first is in Aquarius from Saturday, January 30 to Saturday, February 20; the second in Gemini from Saturday, May 29 to Tuesday, June 22; and finally, the third is in Libra from Monday, September 27 to Monday, October 18. Mark these dates down and watch for the usual communication snafus; in particular, beware of the return of exes. After the everpresent loneliness in 2020, if a former lover reaches out, you may be tempted to take the sex or attention. However, dear Pisces, these sorts of things usually end the way they did the first time around. You've made it this far; hold out for someone else. 

As long as you're still using your head a bit, don't be afraid to follow your heart.

Lucky planet Jupiter is in Aquarius and your 12th House of the Unconcious for the majority of the year. The planet enters your sign in your 1st House of Self from Thursday, May 13 to Wednesday, July 28 before stationing there for a year starting on Tuesday, December 28. Your presence will be extra magnetic during these times, and it's an ideal time to take some risks and stick your neck out a bit. As long as you're still using your head a bit, don't be afraid to follow your heart.

There is a lunar eclipse on Wednesday, May 26 in Sagittarius, a solar eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, June 10, a lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 in Taurus, and a solar eclipse on Saturday, December 4 also in Sagittarius. While all eclipses tend to bring surprises, especially watch out for those in Sagittarius (Wednesday, May 26 and Saturday, December 4) as they light up your 10th House of Career. Many of us struggled professionally due to pandemic budget cuts and business closures. You're feeling motivated, now, which is a good thing, because more opportunities are starting to come your way. Say yes to those that feel right. 

As the year comes to an end, your love life goes under review as lover planet Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn, and your 11th House of Friendship on Sunday, December 19. When a planet goes retrograde, it can feel as if that area of our life is extra messy, but it's also a chance for do-overs. Echoing themes for earlier this year, this Venus retrograde looks at your friendships from a romantic perspective. Wait, are you secretly in love with your best friend? If so, you should tell them. On that note, enjoy the new year, Pisces, and see you in 2022. 

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