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Again a callback to Corona-times – and again, of all things, masks. The authority for health and consumer protection has issued a warning to FFP2 protection masks.

After repeated examination, it will be found that the protective effect was not given. The masks could be through an inadequate filter material of harmful aerosols (tiny particles in the air), so also a virus. Therefore, the authority recommends officially, by the use of the protective mask. It should only be a Batch of protective masks from the manufacturer “Lexus lance” affected.

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Recall and warning FFP2 masks

Specifically, it is the following model:

The details are to be found directly on the protective mask. A Batch of affected products should have been imported by the company brand floor GmbH in Hamburg and expelled. The traders who have sold the mask, will now be asked specifically to inform the customer about the lack of protection effect of the mask.

Anyone who is however unsure, you can directly get the authority for health and consumer protection, aid and also advice to give, where the masks were sold. This was the following E-Mail address released: [email protected].

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