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If your eyes have been glued to the news as much as ours have been, then you probably saw that a Missouri school district is switching to a four-day school week at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year, and it’s causing a shift in the education system.

Back on Dec. 13, the Missouri school board voted 6-1 on this proposition, and in the blink of an eye, students from pre-K to grade 12 will attend classes on a Tues to Fri schedule, with each school day extended by 35 minutes. This decision came after the school needed a way to work around the teacher and support staff.

Now, what about those Mondays? Apparently, they decided to make it a voluntary day where students can participate in tutoring, clubs, or remediation (along with still being able to get reduced-price or free lunches!)

“Anytime something is new, there is hesitancy,” said Superintendent Dale Herl to TODAY. “[But] a four-day school week isn’t that unique.” And that’s true! According to the Journal of Education Finance and Policy, 1,600 schools in 24 states offer four-day school weeks. Another 2021 research study conducted by Rand showed a lot of benefits all around to a four-day school week, with the school districts saving cash and students spending time working on homework, their jobs, school activities, and hobbies for life enrichment.

And after how this school is handling its four-day week, we’re not shocked that more want to follow this schedule. This year alone, many have made the switch, with other districts heavily considering the option like the Cardinal Community School District in Iowa and the St. Joseph School District in Missouri, to name a few.

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