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If young mothers are forgetful and inattentive, is a little flattering of a "Stilldemenz" spoken. A study in "Current Psychology" shows that this condition is not permanent: A year after the birth of your child did mothers in Tests at least as well as childless women.

"If you have got the first child, you have sleep deprivation and a cascade of hormones that the attention and memory processes in the brain affect können", Valerie explains Tucker Miller, a doctoral student in the Department of anthropology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. Attention and memory tests soon after the birth of little significance are, therefore, strong.

Therefore, they carried out with mothers for at least a year after the birth of your child for more concentration and reaction tests on the Computer, and these cuts sometimes even better than women without children: attention and orientation differences, but the mothers were unable to process contradictory information: "Mothers weren’t so distracted by the outer, incongruent Gegenständen", Miller said. It is even possible that the maternity correlations even more of an improvement than a reduction of attention.

In the interviews showed that the women – regardless of a maternity – your mental performance itself could be assessed. "We believe that ‚Stilldemenz‘ a culture-bound phenomenon could be and moms the most distracted and forgetful when you are stressed, overwhelmed and not supported fühlen", Miller said.