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Mommy shaming — comments of judgment or criticism toward how moms choose to parent their kids and conduct themselves as both women and mothers — runs rampant these days. While nasty remarks and looks of disdain are nothing new, technological advancements have allowed mom shamers to use social media as a means to criticize people far and wide for what they believe are mothering mistakes to called out from behind a keyboard. Because, you know, anyone with a phone and an opinion is a parenting expert in today’s climate.

Celebrity mothers in particular face mommy shaming at levels non-famous people could never truly understand. Often bombarded with tens of thousands of comments under any post related to their children, celeb mamas are put on blast for anything and everything — even if it’s something totally ridiculous, like Jenna Dewan and Kim Kardashian being told they need to stifle their sexuality now that they’re mothers. Who knew raising a tiny human meant you have to dress in full Handmaid’s Tale garb?

Hilary Duff even had to defend a photo of her kissing her then-4-year-old son on the lips, thanks to a mommy shamer commenting that the kiss was inappropriate. Other keyboard warriors came after Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi for her daughter’s windblown hair, and Khloé Kardashian was ripped to shreds for how often she touched her baby bump while pregnant with her daughter.

All of these things — a kiss for your child, a little kid having messy hair, cradling your belly while pregnant — are totally normal things, yet our culture has grown so toxic that these small, not-at-all-harmful actions are being nitpicked by people who have nothing better to do than tear down mothers for mothering the way they choose. If only mom shamers spent a fraction of that time advocating for children who are actually abused and neglected by their parents.

Scroll on for tales of mommy shaming from some of your favorite celeb mamas, and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor at the audacity some people have — they’re really out here trying it.

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