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Going to camp has been an adventure for Andy Cohen’s 4-year-old son Ben. His “calculations” have proven that he’s not going to have a great time, which, BTW, is never true, but it is too cute. Cohen’s latest video shows another way that the preschooler is coping with his feelings about going to summer camp, and it’s honestly a brilliant strategy.  

“So [Ben] is really into bringing two pieces of turkey bacon with him to camp every day,” the Watch What Happens Live star says in a new video posted to his Instagram Stories. What problems can bacon not solve?! He just needs his emotional support bacon to get through the day, which we think is a perfectly reasonable solution (and in fact, we’re considering doing the same ourselves).

Unfortunately, Cohen seems a little stressed by the whole situation. He is sitting in his convertible with the top unrolled on a beautiful sunny day as he relays the story of Ben’s “crutch.”

“He walks into camp with the bacon in his hands,” Cohen continues. “And occasionally it falls in the car, on the floor, or whatever. We clean it up. It’s his crutch. Bacon is his crutch. Good morning,” he empathically adds.

This video is making us laugh so hard. Sure, it might be frustrating to have to prepare turkey bacon and then clean it up every day on the way to camp with Ben, but it is still so awesome that bacon is his crutch. Most kids probably rely on a favorite stuffy or worn blanket, but no, Ben needs his turkey bacon. Nutritious and satisfying!

And, hey, at least bacon is a breakfast food! Earlier this week, Cohen revealed that he caught Ben munching on a different sort of snack at 7 a.m.

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“Ben, what are you doing hiding behind a chair with two bags of chips at seven in the morning?” the Bravo TV host asked his son.

“Uh, eating chips because I love chips,” Ben said, while loudly munching away. He said that he does this “every single day,” adding, “Because chips are my favorite thing. I love chips.”

I mean … he’s not wrong! This kid has some fabulous taste in food, and it’s time for Cohen to just admit defeat on this one.

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