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You can see in the Video, such as a Corona Drive-In in the state of Baden-Württemberg works.

Anyone who arrives here, has been usually reported earlier in the health office and a Three-minute window allotted for a smear on the Coronavirus. The result follows after a maximum of two days via a Link. Up to 160 swabs daily for the employees of the Corona-Drive-In in baden-württemberg Schwetzingen. However, only 30 to 40 are needed. Tobias Strohbach, the managing Director of the company KTS transport by ambulance. “At the beginning of a very strong crowd was. As much of the test capacity was needed. At the Moment, you can clearly see that there is a total of a little quiet is become, what is confirmed in the end by the mirrored, of course, Pay yourself. There are very much less up to date cases, and thus, a lower Test confirmed, and the difference is noticeable, of course.” More than 7000 smears for the laboratory of the University hospital were taken since the Start of the offer. In the last two days, all the Tests were negative.