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No matter what the new perceived beauty – or Wellness-is a Trend on Instagram, will you find him with security.

So also the so-called Dry-Fasting, which is found on the Social Media platform using the Hashtag #nowater to.

#nowater: fruit and vegetables instead of water

What is worthy of for most people as an extremely questionable and unhealthy idea sounds, it is followed by a number of Influencers determined: drink water and teas.

Instead, they rely on “living” water, in the Form of fluid-rich fruits and vegetables.

This very special Form of fluid intake for the body various advantages.

The body is supplied by fruit and vegetables, only water, but also a number of healthy vitamins and electrolytes.

So a cucumber is supplied, for example, the body after a sweaty sport unit driving better with potassium than regular water can.

But that’s why the water completely from the meal plan swipe?

With “living water” hydrate

Sophie Prana has taken this step. It is one of the many supporters of Dry Fastings, and share on your Instagram Account experiences and recipes with around 18,000 followers.

Instead of the water to a series of fruits, juices and Smoothies are on your dining plan. Especially liquid rich include:

  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Coconut water
  • Apple or citrus juices

But even away from the juices and Smoothies you follow a strict diet. She lives vegan, eats a lot of raw food-and waives Oils and salt.

“My kind of diet is certainly not for every determined and is possible, or even comprehensible,” stresses Sophie in a Post. “For me personally, however, it helped to be healthy again. It is my way.”

Dry Fasting: The body needs water

This consistently plant-based diet allows your body to abstain from the Drinking of additional water, without suffering health problems.

This is because a standard Western diet with more salt, such a liquid supply would be not possible, but harmful to health.

“I wouldn’t advise people strongly not to do without water,” warns nutritionist Haleh Moravej, in an Interview with ‘Vice’.

“Our body consists of 70 percent water. The fluid intake is important to concentrate, our mood and our well-being – and, of course, for physical activities.”

In addition, the body needs water to process all the nutrients in the metabolism. “It speaks very much to suggest that Dehydration is harmful.”

No water and extra fast?

Some Influencers even go a step further and put fasting on a strict Dry, with you on a daily basis for at least twelve hours, neither food nor drink.

Although interval can provide fast an already healthy, strong body, quite a lot of health benefits. However, experts warn to refrain from a too long time to food – in particular, when the liquid supply is also stopped.

Prolonged almost periods can lead according to the nutritionist Elaine Anderson to dehydration, low blood pressure, fatigue, and headache. In addition, the long-term consequences for the kidney of concern.

The signals of the body pay attention

Generally speaking, you should listen to his body and it with many healthy nutrients and sufficient fluid supply.

This can only be achieved by taking in addition to fruit and vegetables is also a reasonable amount of water.

In times of Instagram, more and more people, however, can affect, without needing to understand the on the Smartphone is Seen completely, or even to question.

Anyone who sees the Hashtags #NoWater or #DryFasting under the contributions to a (supposedly) healthy food, runs the risk of pooling the various tips and experience to a very unhealthy combination, under which the health solid can suffer.

Especially young people are at risk of this circulating Trends especially.

Cornelia Bertram

*The post “#nowater: Why Influencer drink suddenly, no more water” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.