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Shortening of the muscles and feel tense? You can touch with your hands is hardly the tip of your toes?

Then, the Stretching is to Workout with Fit For Fun-Coach LeaLight just right! The Best thing about it? It only takes five minutes and you don’t need more than a training Mat.

Are you building the Stretching from now on a regular basis in your Morning or evening routine, you’ll find yourself in your movement, soon to be a lot smoother feel.

5-minute Stretch Routine with LeaLight

1. Star Stretch

Imagine yourself in the hüftbreiten Stand on your Mat and keep the knees bent slightly. Now you bring the arms up over the sides alternately to the top, as you’d want to reach for the stars.

Pull yourself up vertebrae by vertebrae, very long and feel the stretch in the side.

2. Side Stretch-Stand in the

Bring directly in connection with both arms over the head and fold your fingers together. Now you tilt your torso to one side, the arms elongated, and draw the shoulders down and back to open the chest is wide.

Deep breath in and out and this Position for a few seconds.

With the next Exhale, you come with the arms back over the head to the center and tilt the torso to the other side.

3. Swing in the prevention

Short auslockern. Then chin curl up on the chest and vertebrae by vertebrae, until the hands could touch the ground or the feet. Both arms hang loose and relaxed down.

Now, with the head a couple of Times and nod. Then the head a couple of Times to move left and right.

Now the whole upper body loose from the left to right swing.

4. Down Dog

The torso back to center and bring the palms to the ground. The knee should be bent like this easily.

Now with the hands in the plank forward and the stretch briefly in the back of the Leg feel.

The hip, slide it upwards and the heels pressing into the ground. The back remains as straight as possible and the arms are stretched.

Feel the Stretch in your calf. The next time you Breathe in you get back in Plank Position.

5. Child’s Pose

From the plank easily in the prone position on the Mat dropping. Now the Po on the heels pushing. The head is placed with the forehead on the Mat and keep the arms stretched out.

With the next Exhale, slowly vertebrae by vertebrae, roll up and in the seat, the shoulders arrived circles.

6. Side Stretch on the knees

In this Position, with arms to the top and once again reach for the stars. Now one Arm out of the ground and with the other Arm on the side of a long pull. Switch sides don’t forget.

With a deep Inhale both palms to bring about the head and the hands in front of your heart.


Stefanie Naumann

*The contribution of “Fit with LeaLight: Quick stretch Workout for home” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.