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There are times when we would rather lie down in traffic than take a small child shopping in a big box store. But if you happened to have survived a trip or 100 to Costco with your kids, you may already know that it has a surprisingly good selection of toys for kids of all ages.

Whether your kids are invited to a bunch of birthday parties this year or you’re buying gifts for their big day, this is a great way to sneak in that bit of toy shopping while doing all the other shopping errands that fill your life. Why not pick up a new LEGO set while grabbing a three-month supply of toilet paper? The only thing we don’t recommend is trying to buy Costco’s giant plush bear at the same time as your groceries — unless an 18-wheeler is your typical ride? Online shopping solves SO many problems.

Disney Lights N’ Sounds Minnie Mouse Activity Plane

There is a dearth of female commercial airline pilots. Maybe toys like this will chance that for future generations. (Ages 12-36 months.)

ZÜM-CX Wood Balance Bike

We are constantly hearing from parents whose kids went straight from a balance bike to a two-wheeler without training wheels. It’s nice to attempt this feat without having to spend a fortune. (Ages 2-5.)

Squeezamals Plush Set: Narwhal, Ladybug & Hedgehog

These plushies are 8” tall and 8” wide. They’re calculated to be every bit as cuddly as they are cute. They also smell pretty good! (Ages 3 and up.)

Disney Princess Royal Carriage, Doll, & Pony Gift Set

What’s better than three Disney princesses? Three Disney princesses’ ponies, of course. OMG those eyes. (Ages 3 and up.)

Kidkraft Disney Princess Magnificent Dreams Castle Dollhouse

One day, when your child is grown and asks for help on a down payment on their dream house, you can shrug and say you already bought them a castle. Just kidding. Your princes and princesses deserve the world, and it’s nice that you can at least buy them this. (Ages 3 and up.)

93” Plush Bear

We are of two minds on this larger-than-life bear. It’s some children’s dream come true. For others, it very much looks like a nightmare. You might want to know which camp your child falls into before you buy. (Ages 3 and up.)

Baby Alive Cute Hairstyles Baby

This doll combines two things many small children love. They’re fascinated with bodily functions, for one. For another this is a baby, but she’s got such luscious, flowing hair. She comes with a comb, brush, headband, clips, hair extensions, a (fake) hair drier, spray bottle, drinking bottle and a diaper. (Ages 3 and up.)

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero 4-pack: Going Subatomic

Our comic book science knowledge is not quite advanced enough to explain what “going subatomic” means in this context. This is a great price for four detailed action figures, though! (Ages 4 and up.)

Learning Mats and Puzzles Set

As much as we love flashy tech toys, sometimes puzzles and mats are the best way to build math and reading skills. This set includes sets for the alphabet, patterns, numbers and classifying. (Ages 4 and up.)

L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show On-the-Go

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls come with so many accessories, it’s a relief to have a case like this to put them in. Two Surprise dolls, a pet and a Lil Sis come in this set, which opens up to reveal a semi-circular runway. (Ages 6 and up.)

Surprise Slimygloop Mix’Ems

Kids still love slime! This set of 20 packs of ready-made slime promises to minimize the mess, but it also includes six different mixable embellishments (glitter, pom poms, beads, etc.) that still give kids that “mad scientist” feel. (Ages 6 and up.)

LEGO Star Wars Battle Action Playset

Relive your childhood LEGO days with this Empire Strikes Back set. There are also plenty of other LEGO kits available at Costco for members only, so you’ve got to sign in for prices. (Ages 8 and up.)

Power Craze High Speed Mini Remote Control Car

We buy remote control cars for our kids. But secretly, we love zooming around the living room floor just as much as they do. (Ages 8 and up.)

VEX Build Blitz Robotics Construction Kit

With this 800 piece kit, you and your children can build seven different motorized designs (though not all at once), or make up your own. Those kids won’t even know you’re trying to steer them into STEM careers. (Ages 8 and up.)

Blockbuster Tumble Block Set

You aren’t imagining things: This is a Jenga knock-off. The tower can top 4 feet, so be careful with little ones around.

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