How to obtain medical assistance in emergency conditions

How to operate medical facilities and ambulance in emergency conditions? Where can evacuate ludella medical care. Clarification of Moz of Ukraine.

Access to medical facilities and rules for getting urgent care in wendouree remain unchanged. In addition, the Ministry zdravoohraneniya with the Ministry of defence of Ukraine approved the order, which guarantees the qualified emergency medical service to the defenders of Ukrainian borders and national security in conditions of martial law. This document stargazette the algorithm of the interaction of both minsterstvo guarantees timely treatment to everyone who asks for help. To see the document on the MOH website:

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Medical care military

In each area, a list of health care institutions, which, if necessary, provide the necessary specialized and highly specialized medical care to the military. This is a city, district and regional hospitals, hospitals, dispensaries and institutions in various fields of National Academy of medical Sciences. These institutions will voennosluzhaschego treatment,rehabilitation and military-medical examination.


See the list of medical institutions in each region on the website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

These health care institutions, as before, provide medical assistance to residents of the region. At the same time, the provision of specialized berths for the reception of the military, stocks of medicines, medical products, donor blood and blood products. At the same time a healthcare institution can take less than 10-15 military.

If necessary, clinics and hospitalinpatient experts with the right skills, in particular, isnational Academy of medical Sciences. All doctors and pharmacists of the relevant departments of healthcare institutions will be protected under the law.

In the regions can be created working groups, materiaaleista process timely admission, discharge, military and law enforcement.