15-Year-old, apparently, by Iphone in the bath fatal accident

Young people with Smartphone in the bathtub and dies

In the past week, died in Russia, a young girl in the bath, because your Smartphone fell into the water. The iPhone is the 15-Year-old hung during the use of the charging cable. Russian experts had previously warned of the dangers of mobile phones in the bathrooms.

Smartphone fell into the water

The 15-year-old Irina Rybnikova from Bratsk in Siberia (Russia), died last Saturday in her bathtub at an electric shock. According to a report in the English newspaper “The Sun” was killed the girl while bathing, as your iPhone has been recharged with a cable, fell into the water. Family members found the lifeless young people in the water. This was not the first case of death caused by electronic devices in the bathtub.

Similar tragedies in the past

The newspaper report that the teenage girl in their home was as a successful Martial artist in the area Pankration is known, a mixture of Boxing and Wrestling.

“You dreamed to one day become a world champion,” said a friend of the girl.

Your 25-year-old sister Tatiana told the local newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda: “Our hearts are broken.”

And your sports Association said it was a “tragic accident”.

This would have been avoided if the Smartphone would not have been on the cable connected to the power supply.

According to the “Sun” had warned Russian security officials previously against the hazards due to the Charging of mobile phones in the bathrooms.

This is probably because it already came in the past to similar accidents.

So the Russian school girl Kseniya P. suffered in February, in the bathroom electric shock, as your charging Smartphone fell into the water.

And in France, a 21-pregnant woman in your bathroom, in France, had been killed in the previous month, only a few days before the birth due to an electric shock.

Not with the electricity grid devices connected in the bathtub use

Who uses a cell phone in the bath water, it should connect never to the power supply to the Load.

“Everything that has a connection to the home network of 230 volts, it should only be used in large distance to the bath used,” said Dieter Haentzsch, a Professor in the field of “Electrical plants and devices” at the University of applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, according to a report in the portal “tech book”.

But: “battery-powered devices such as Smartphones, Laptops and E-Book Reader because of the low voltage is no danger in the water,” says the expert. You may not hang, but the charging cable.

After a shock to the doctor

A electric shock, do not to people can have dramatic consequences – even if it takes place in the water.

So, among other things, a life-threatening heart rhythm problems may occur, leading to sometimes flicker in a chamber.

The heart no longer beating so fast, it is pumping effectively, the blood in the circulatory system. The result can be a sudden cardiac arrest.

In addition, there is the risk that the lung muscles go into spasm, which leads in the worst case, to respiratory arrest due to the electricity.

Health experts advise to go after an electric shock to the doctor, even if it is a supposedly well. Because cardiac arrhythmias can also occur too late.