Caution in hypertension: The second blood pressure value is significantly

High blood pressure: the second measurement value seriously

Million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to serious diseases such as stroke, heart or renal failure. Therefore, it is important that everyone knows his blood pressure, and possibly elevated blood pressure. However, it is important to know how to determine the values that work best.

Many of those Affected are unaware of their high blood pressure

According to health experts, every third adult in Germany suffers from almost of hypertension. Many don’t know about your high blood pressure. This can have dangerous consequences, as untreated hypertension increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, cardiac weakness, diseases, failure of the coronary vessels and kidneys. It is so clear that you should diagnose hypertension early and treat. Therefore, people should be aware of any age, your blood pressure values. An expert explains how to determine the values that work best.

A single blood pressure measurement has only a small value

High blood pressure can lead to serious diseases such as stroke, heart or renal failure.

“Still, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death,” said Prof., Dr. med. Martin Middeke from the hypertension center Munich at the pharmacon, the international training Congress of the German Federal chamber of pharmacists, in a communication from the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V..

“Therefore, it is important that everyone knows his values and an increase in blood pressure handle,” said the expert.

For the internist, a single blood pressure measurement has little value – neither in medical practice nor in the pharmacy.

For example, it is known that measured in doctor’s offices, high values will be (“white coat effect”).

On the other hand, just increased in middle-aged men of blood pressure during working hours, in the doctor’s office but normal. This is referred to as masked hypertension.

According to the ABDA, this phenomenon is associated with a high risk.

My breath

Prof. Dr. Middeke is recommended for a measurement the following procedure: Initially, the Patient physically, mentally and emotionally to come to rest. Then the blood pressure is measured for the first Time.

If the value is increased, there should be a second or even a third measurement after one to two minutes and relaxation.

The information suggests that the so-called deep breathing is the simplest and most effective Form of relaxation. It is through the nose deeply and slowly and out through the mouth deeply and slowly exhaled.

This is an elevated blood pressure drops quickly in a natural way.

How high the values should be?

But how is high blood pressure actually?

As it is said in the message of the ABDA, and is a high blood pressure if the blood pressure readings are 140 over 90 or higher; in people aged 80 years and over 160 to 90.

Blood pressure values including diseases – with a few exceptions for patients with comorbidities – is not treated.

Optimal blood pressure is below 120 80. “This is not to say, however, that the blood pressure by medicines, must be deeply reduced,” said Middeke.

“On the contrary, for many would-be patients are not healthy. A reduction in under 140 to 90 is often sufficient. Especially in patients between 65 and 80 years of age, the doctor for the Therapy has a wide margin of discretion“, – said the expert.

Hypertension treat of course

In the case of hypertension are often used to quickly the blood pressure-lowering drug. However, in many cases, the blood pressure without pills reduce.

It is important here especially, to move regularly, any excess weight, as well as to refrain from cigarettes and high alcohol consumption.

In addition, it is long known that some home remedies and a well-balanced, healthy diet can significantly help to reduce the blood pressure.

It’s quite important salt is in moderation. A salt-rich diet can increase blood pressure. Per day not more than four to six grams of salt should be consumed. In addition, the diet should contain a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Medication early in the Morning to take

If drugs are necessary, recommends Prof. Dr. Middeke taking in the early Morning.

“The best in the morning, on the bed, the blood does not edge of the swallow-pressure-lowering drug, only for Breakfast. Because the sooner the drug is taken, the sooner it can work,“ said the doctor.

“In the evening, taking the blood pressure is lowered in the night, in part, to strong, and then the body reacts with an unwanted control.”

According to the expert, the evening dose is only necessary if the blood pressure in your sleep (!) not long – term decreases-as measured by ambulatory measurement. (ad)