Heart researchers: the number of push-UPS says a lot about the health of your heart

Push-Ups for the heart

“Show me how much push-UPS can you do and I will tell You how healthy you are”, could soon require, perhaps, a doctor in a diagnosis. Because a new long-term study of Harvard University shows a connection between the ability to have Push-Ups, and to develop the risk of heart disease. The doctors in the study think that it is a free yet reliable method to determine the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from the “Department of Environmental Health at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health” showed in a recent long-term study that men in middle age have a reliable statement about the health of your heart meet, to be on the basis of the number of support that you create in a passage sun. The results of the study were recently published in the journal “JAMA Network Open”.

Harvard long-term study completed

The Harvard researchers recently released health data from more than 1,100 male Teilnehmenern, which were collected in the years 2000 to 2010. The men were on average 39.6 years old and had an average BMI of 28.7. All subjects had to point to the beginning of the study, how much the sun you will support to create the piece and its maximum load was measured on the treadmill. After that, the participants had to fill in over a period of ten years to an annual physical examination and regularly in a questionnaire about your state of health.

Support better indicator than test of Endurance

“Surprisingly, the Pushup was associated capacity more with the risk for heart disease than the results of the Tests with the treadmill,” says the first author of the study Justin Yang in a press release of the study results. The researchers come to the conclusion that the Pushup-capacity is a simple and free method to assess the risk for cardiovascular diseases quick and easy.

What is the number of pushups?

According to the study, men more than 40 pushups in a single pass made with a significantly lower risk of developing within the next ten years, cardiovascular disease (including heart attack). In the case of men who were less than ten Push-Ups, was increases the risk for heart disease.

Fitness level says a lot about the health of your heart

“Objective assessments of physical Fitness be considered as strong predictors of health status,” write the Harvard researchers. Most of the methods were, however, too expensive and too time-consuming to use in a routine examination. The latest research show as the first study, that there is a direct correlation between the number of pushups and the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

A small Hack it is

“Because the participants in the study were all working men in the middle age, the results may not apply to women or to men of other ages, as well as non-active in humans,” conclude the researchers. (vb)