Sleep research: Is to Sleep a lot more harmful to your health?

Who is at risk to sleep a lot, severe heart diseases

Sleep is the most important Instrument, which is our body for Regeneration. Numerous studies have documented that lack of sleep increases the risk for a variety of diseases. An international research team showed in a large study, that too much sleep is also anything but healthy. If you sleep regularly for eight hours, can increase the risk of developing heart disease by about 40 percent, warn the researchers.

International Researchers under the guidance of the McMaster University in Canada recently published a study that examined the relationship between total sleep duration and the risk for serious cardiovascular events. This showed that a total sleep duration of six to eight hours per day is associated with the lowest risk for death and serious heart disease. To be counted in the total duration of sleep as the NAP. The results were recently published in the “European Heart Journal” and is based on data of over 110,000 Participants from seven different regions of the world.

21 countries, seven regions, as a result of

The data from the Participants were collected in total from 21 different countries from seven regions of the world, to a globally valid statement to make. The 116.632 adult Participants were observed over a period of almost eight years. In this period, there was 4.381 deaths and 4.365 serious cardiovascular events like a heart attack or stroke. The evaluation showed that lack of sleep increases the likelihood for such incidents, but also to a lot of sleep had a drastic impact on the risk.

How sleep affects heart health

The researchers came to the following findings: Of every 10,000 people who slept regularly for six to eight hours, suffered 78 people within the eight years of a serious cardiovascular event or died. In 10,000 people who slept less than six hours, increased this number to 94. This corresponds to an increase in the risk of Disease by about 10 percent. In 10,000 people who slept eight to nine hours, it came out to 84 cases, which corresponds to an increase in the risk of Disease by about five percent. In the group that slept nine to ten hours, were found to be 104 severe heart diseases or deaths per 10,000 persons – the risk for cardiovascular disease increases in this group by 17 percent. Most of the increase in the number of persons who slept longer than ten hours. Here, there is an increased risk of heart disease and deaths by 41 percent.

Dangerous NAP

Furthermore, the researchers showed that the midday sleep can have a positive or a negative impact on the overall health. Positive effects were, in the group that slept at night less than six hours, but a negative impact in the case of those who had achieved the ideal duration of sleep already. Thus, the heart attack and stroke risks in relation to the total amount of sleep in a day.

Who sleeps longer is early death?