Incredible laws of the psyche

It’s hard to believe, but all of the following oddities of the human psyche is the explanation. Submitted 6 psychological phenomena.

The effect of the witness

Imagine that you are in public transport or in any public place, and then someone became ill. What is the probability that you will assist this person? Minimal, almost negligible. Due to the large number of people around you’re more likely to pass on to other shoulders. The probability of participation in the salvation of man is raised if there are 1 or 2 people, not a crowd. Psychologists explain this phenomenon with the reluctance to take responsibility when there are a lot of people, and some of them will certainly respond. However, I think almost everything!

The effect of Romeo and Juliet

As they say, forbidden fruit is sweet. If you are available thousands of other sweets, but you will be more desirable that is forbidden. The same law applies in the relations. People seem much more attractive if he is far away from you, or if your loved one does not give to meet. As in the story of Romeo and Juliet. It happens that people live in the neighborhood, say Hello at the meeting, but to look each other in the Internet, in any social network or chat.

The SPECIAL project. What happens in the body during love? We are excited and want to kiss why not all?

The effect of trudnodostizhimye

Often, in order to attract the attention of the person you like does not need to pamper it to their attention. Disregard one of the shortest ways to position yourself. Thus, it seems that you are too picky about friends, and you might like only selected. This means that you have necessarily a high status (material or intellectual, or both). However, to get involved in such a lesson is not necessary, as it is easy to overreact and to remain with nothing.

The Zeigarnik Effect

In 1927, Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, vulfovna discovered a surprising property of human memory. It turns out that the ability to remember certain actions depends on their completeness. It is better to be remembered as a time incomplete actions. Zeigarnik explained this phenomenon by the fact that in the case of incompleteness of the action a person does not have necessary discharge. Today, the Zeigarnik effect successfully used in art and pedagogy.

The Pygmalion Effect

Amazingly, the success of the students (and even their intellectual abilities) to a large extent dependent on expectations of their teachers. To confirm this hypothesis, the psychologists-researchers chose several students from different classes and schools at random, not knowing about their powers. Teachers researchers told about the amazing abilities of students and talent. It is noteworthy that the disciples, on which was piled a good impression, soon showed good results, and even improve your IQ.

Halo effect

All probably know the rule: First you work on the image, then the image works for you. If you are in any situation proved to be a good side, the people around you is about you a good impression, and subconsciously, the people around you believe that you are good from all sides. Conversely, if you find yourself somewhere showed not the best side, for example, have not conceded an elderly person a place, you formed a very bad impression. This rule is especially true in higher education. If a student in the first semester, worked hard and closed the session perfectly, in the second semester he may not count some leniency on the part of the teacher.