After heavy criticism: Spahn back row at new regulation for psychological therapies

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn from the required date of service and the public procurement act (TSVG), especially in terms of psycho-therapies in the criticism. For the mentally Ill, it poses hazards. Now Spahn back row, and is obviously willing to compromise.

With the appointment service and supply act (TSVG) to legally get patients faster in the future a doctor’s appointment. The power catalogue of statutory health insurance to include more services. And in regions in which there is no adequate medical care, Fund medical associations to open their own practices. All of the sounds for the first time after an improvement of our health care system.

Depression, sick warns of new law

But a group of patients, the law does not seem to take into account the design of Jens Spahn (CDU): the mentally ill people. Yesterday, FOCUS warned-Online-author Uwe Hauck as an Affected person: Mr. Spahn, your new law endangers people’s lives.

The current proposal of Spahn, an additional pre-investigation pre-authorisation of treatments to introduce, holds Hauck is superfluous, he said today in the ARD morning magazine. Thus, the law provides that you can only begin a course of psychotherapy, if you have previously met with a therapist who has classified a treatment as a matter of urgency. For the Concerned, this meant an additional hurdle, because mental illness is not“. To talk about the case, therefore, is particularly difficult. This could deter many victims from the outset, to seek help.

Appointment needs to be better controlled

After fierce criticism Spahn shows in his plans for the reorganisation of psycho-therapeutic treatments now seem to be willing to compromise. I do not exclude that we will find other arrangements, said Spahn in the ARD morning magazine.

Spahns design for the schedule service and supply act provides for a stepped control of the help – seekers: with Selected Doctors and therapists to decide in preliminary studies, which help or therapy, offer the Affected part should be. The help Affected, according to Spahn, the faster is the treatment. Hauck and many others that have already signed a Petition against the TSVG, on the other hand are of the opinion that A preliminary point Concerned before an additional, unnecessary hurdle.

Solution to stand until January

Spahn said it was important that people with disorders such as schizophrenia or Depression to get fast treatment. Often, the Affected would have to wait yet but on it too long. However, the waiting times were up there with the longest, where there is also most of the therapists.

Therefore, it is not rich also, only more psychotherapists for the statutory funds allow, said Spahn. He expressed the hope to find in January a solution.