Marktkauf EDEKA have initiated a nationwide recall: Metallic foreign body in chicken breast fillet were discovered

GUT&CHEAP, chicken breast can contain metal splitter

The Federal Institute for consumer protection and food safety, as well as EDEKA and Marktkauf inform you about a recently launched recall. The Hans Copper & Sohn GmbH & Co KG calls his produced chicken breast. The producers can not be excluded that in the chicken breast pieces of metal.

Is affected the article “GUT&CHEAP deli chicken breast fillet roulade“ in the 150-gram pack with the minimum durability data from the 03. February 2019 up to and including 15. February 2019. Because of a possible risk of external and internal injuries is not advised for human consumption, a matter of urgency. The affected chicken breast is mainly offered by branches of EDEKA and Marktkauf.

The purchase price will be refunded

According to information provided by the concerned trade organization, the article was removed from the shelves. “Consumers who have purchased the affected items, without presenting a receipt for a refund of the purchase price in your shopping sites,” writes EDEKA in a customer’s information to the callback.

What are the health risks of metal parts in the food?

Metallic foreign bodies can cause cut and puncture injuries in the mouth or when Chewing, the teeth damage. The metal part is swallowed, it can block depending on the shape and size of the airway and lead to breathing to shortness of breath. At worst a choking hazard. Swallowed metal parts can be put in the body and inflammatory processes initiate. It should be pointed or sharp-edged parts, are not ruled out internal bleeding.