Want To Chill Out In Bed? Try These Sensual & Soothing Yoga-Inspired Sex Positions

If you’re someone who loves really feeling in touch with your body, it’s no surprise if you’re into yoga, meditation and anything that prioritizes that sweet mind and body connection. But what about ways you can bring those athletic, soothing and connected yoga vibes into your sex life? Well, there’s a long history of sex and yoga crossing paths in deeply satisfying ways — and you can get the benefits of both by setting some mindful, sexy intentions with your partner.

“Sex is a form of yoga,” says Patricia Taylor, Ph.D., author of Expanded Orgasm tells SheKnows. “In yoga, you want to integrate the mind, the heart, the body and the spirit, and you want to connect them all up… It’s almost more of a question of how you approach it versus what the position is. With that focus, you can be relaxed, you can breathe, you can have eye contact with your partner, and you can have an emotional connection.”

Being mindful of that, take what you’ve learned on the mat and apply it to the mattress.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

How you do it: Lie on your back, and surround yourself with pillows, then open your legs in a butterfly position, knees resting on the pillows. Widen your feet so he can assume missionary position.

Why it’s awesome:  “Before [your partner] even touches you, you can just lie there and do your breathing and connect up with yourself,” Taylor says. “You’re very relaxed, you’re breathing, there’s a lot of eye contact. [They’re] able to reach your G spot, and this can be a very long-lasting, pleasurable position that can go on for quite a while.”

Happy Baby Pose

How you do it: Have the partner being penetrated lie back, legs above their head, bending them at the knees, essentially throwing your legs over your head (or close to it), knees close to your ears. Have him enter you missionary-style. Encourage him to rock back and forth rather than jackhammer you.

Why it’s awesome: This is a deeper, more vigorous experience if that’s the sex you’re craving, and it puts your penetrating partner in control. Taylor says this position gives the penetrating partner “deep access to your G spot and clitoris, and I think the rocking motion is really nice.”

Cow Pose

How you do it: Get on all fours and arch your back. Have your partner enter you from behind and vary the speed of their thrusting.

Why it’s awesome: “You’re really going into deep animal space,” Taylor says. “By playing with your clitoris — not the whole time, but I would say by bringing that in — you become multi-orgasmic.” And it gives both partners room to control the sensations they’re experiencing and make note of what feels good to each of you: “It won’t just be like pounding, but it gives you both the opportunity to savor this movement of the symphony: slow sections and the fast, the soft and the sweet and the intense.”

Tree Pose

How you do it: Stand against a wall or in the shower (don’t slip!). Then raise one foot, bending your knee and rotating your hip outward, then placing your foot on the opposite inner thigh. Raise your hands straight above your head, about shoulder width apart. (Grasp the wall or a bookshelf if you need to.) Have him kneel at your feet and go down on you.

Why it’s awesome: If you can keep your balance (all those classes are coming in handy now, see?) the novel sensation of standing up, rather than lying on the bed and passively receiving, will make sex seem new and novel, increasing your excitement.

A Post-Coital Corpse Pose

How you do it: We’re joking around a bit, but after you’ve done the deed, you can use the afterglow time to lie back, close your eyes, and — just like the pose’s name says — play “dead” and really connect your mind with your body. Take the post-coital glow time to let your partner know you appreciate them and receive some of that appreciative goodness back. Bask it the post ‘gasm goodness, y’all have earned it!

Why it’s awesome: You’ve totally earned this restorative pose after all that position-switching. Then snore away, baby!

Images illustrated by Amy Berlak

A version of this story was published February 2014. 

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