Harmful if tea with milk?

The effects of tea with milk on the human body repeatedly studied in the research. Against the use of this drink, scientists have been arguments, but to refuse tea with milk they recommend not rushing.

In Germany the experiment was conducted with 16 participants who drank cyclopamine different types of milk. The results showed that consumption of tea with any milk slows digestion. In addition, German doctors spoke about the fact that regular intake with casolaro can be harmful to the kidneys, contributing to the formation of stones.

In clinical centre Charit in Berlin the study was conducted, the entrance of which is in people who drank tea with milk and without it, the measured blood pressure. As a result, the group consumed cycloloma were recorded the worst performance.

“Milk variolinum gospodaresti to lower blood pressure. The mixture casolaro makes the blood vessels less elastic,” stated the researchers.
According to them, people who drink tea with milk in large quantities, threatening headache, weakness, kidney stones, slow metabolism. In addition, this tea is much high-calorie normal – if you drink it with sweets and dessert products to gain weight easily and quickly.

However, scientists do not hurry to call the tea with milk is harmful or dangerous. According to them, experimental data was not enough to do on ethanamide final conclusion as only harmful beverage. Besides cycloloma has health benefits. In particular, his drink is good nutraflora the stomach, helps to recover faster after an illness. Weak cassrole amount of milk is very useful for nursing mothers: drink mommy’s milk does for the baby more satisfying.

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