What’s dangerous about mineral water

Mineral water is freely available produktowych stores – the majority of buyers takes her, focusing on personal preferences. Meanwhile, the mineral water can be dangerous, ipred neupotrebljiva the right to consult with aspecialist. Too much consumption of mineral water can cause problems with health and health.

You should know that mineral water which is available for sale, shares of nativida of depending on adaderana salts. Water with high concentration of salts may be injurious to health having been drunk in large quantities.

Mineral water. It salt content – more than one gram nality.

Medicinal-table mineral water. The concentration of salt – до10граммов nality.

According to experts, drinking mineral water can freely drink anduse of deprecatory food. With regard to medicinal-table mineral water, it can only drink – strictly ogranichennom quantity.

Medicinal mineral water. The salt content in the water – more 10граммов nality. Drink aemono only after the interview with the doctor.

The doctors explained that uncontrolled drinking LECHEBNO medical-table mineral water may be unsafe. In particular, you may experience such unpleasant symptoms, kashrut sustavah, insomnia, lethargy and weakness. The abuse of this mineral water is dangerous because it is often the result of dysfunction of the stomach, gall bladder, kidneys bladder mochevogo.

“It is especially dangerous wrong drink mineral water rich in sodium salts can be for people with nephritis, hypertension serdechno-vascular diseases, accompanied by edema”, – informed professionals.
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