Brittany Mahomes Calls Out Negativity About Transitioning From One Child to Two: ‘Don't Let Other People's Ideas Get to You’

Brittany Mahomes shared the most adorable photos of her 1-year-old daughter, Sterling, in the most darling romper we’ve ever seen, but more importantly, the mom of two also shared her thoughts on the negative commentary she received ahead of adding a second child to her family.

Adding a thoughtful caption to the sweet shots of her little girl, Mahomes wrote, “Just a little emotional today thinking about how blessed I am and how proud of this little angel I am. She has been doing so good as a big sister. She loves her brother so much & has been just the best little helper!!🤍”

She continued, “I felt like so many people were trying to put this negative idea of how much she was gonna hate not being the only child into my head & it was kind of starting to upset me…. If you are a new mom, or about to become a mama of multiple kiddos, just know everyone’s story is different & don’t let other people’s ideas get to you! It’s your family & your own journey. It will all workout, stay positive and enjoy every second of it🙏🏼🤍”

Fans agreed with her sentiment and added their own encouragement in the comments, with one person writing, “They will do what you teach them and show them! Don’t listen to the masses!” Another commented, “Well said!! Not all kids are the same….just like not all parents are the same,” with someone else adding, “So true! Don’t let people tell YOU what your life is gonna be like! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Another mom agreed, writing that no matter what you do, people will always have something critical to say. “Meanwhile — people put negative thoughts in my head bc mine is an only child and they say she’s ‘missing out.’ If you would have had another girl — they would have said — when are you having a boy… people have a comment for everything and especially when it’s not their business. You do you and as hard as it is — especially in your shoes… don’t worry about what other people think!! They are going to be amazing bc you are going to teach them to love and be there for each other!!”

We couldn’t agree more — every family is different, and everyone’s experiences are different, even if they look “the same” on the surface. Do what works for your family and ignore the rest to achieve optimal happiness!

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