France introduces free condoms

French Parisian, in the future, on prescription: the government announced on Tuesday, allows all citizens from the 10. December condoms from a doctor or a midwife to prescribe. The Ministry of health wants to strengthen the fight against the immunodeficiency virus HIV.

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, said the station France Inter, the French could nest in the future, “with six, twelve or 24 Condoms at a pharmacy to pick up”. However this only applies to the legal cheap brand Eden. The French manufacturer Majorelle had in the summer by the health authorities certify that its condoms refund to be worthy of it. The costs are borne by the insurance company.

“A new impetus for the Image of the Condom”

Majorelle said, condoms on prescription “would bring a new impetus to the Image of Condoms”. This will not clear that it was “only a toy”, but an “indispensable means for the prevention” – especially for young men who had little money.

In France, according to information from the Ministry of health, each year approximately 6000 new HIV be counted infections. Thus, the number is significantly higher than in Germany: Here is infected, estimated in 2017, a total of 2600 people with the Virus.

HIV is most often transmitted during Sex. If left untreated, leads to an infection to an increasing damage to the body’s own defense system and subsequently, often to the death. With medication, the development of the immune deficiency disease Aids is today, but to prevent it. If the treatment is successful the viral load in the body of HIV-positive people can no longer be lowered, so that the Affected are not contagious.

In addition to HIV, condoms protect against a number of other STDs, including chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, genital warts, genital herpes and gonorrhea.

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