Endurance exercise prolong life

Research scientists at the University of Leipzig showed otobrazheniya nevynashivanii prolong life, contributing to the increase in the length of telomeres that protect Incorporeity. Experts said that the anti-aging effect of exercise nevynashivanii superior action strength training, told EurekAlert!.

Researchers have conducted an experiment involving 266 people previously nizankowice sports. The volunteers were randomly divided into four groups. In three of them people were regularly within six months of exercise. The first group was supposed to perform exercises nevynashivanii (they were doing a long run), the second should practice high intensity interval training (warm-up, fast medlenny running), utrata – strength exercises. Exercise in the experimental conditions was required triaza vnedelyu for 45 minutes. The fourth group was a control: sign in volunteers continued to lead his usual lifestyle.

Prior to testing, and after the experimental period of exercise the researchers performed genetic analysis. It turned out that at the cellular level in all subjects, doing exercises nevynashivanii, there have been changes, which correlated with the prolongation of life.

Scientists came to the conclusion that this kind of physical activity improves the functionality of the cells of the human body, influencing narrowing nitric oxide krovenosnyh vessels.

“All of the subjects doing exercise nevynashivanii, increased lengths of telomeres that protect Incorporeity time of chromosome replication, and increased the activity of telomerase that restores the telomeres. Weight training has a similar effect,” stated the authors.
Telomeres are the end portions of the linear DNA molecules that consist of repeated sequences of nucleotides. At each cell division the telomeres are shortened, and they are shorter than the cell above. Increasing the length of telomeres – a sign of a longer life expectancy.

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