These Genius Microfiber Mop Slippers Have Kids ‘Begging’ To Help Clean the Floors & Shoppers Say It’s Such a ‘Parenting Win'

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If you’re a parent or caregiver who isn’t constantly sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming in the wake of your child’s muddy footprints and trails of crumbs … um … please tell us your ways. But if you’re like the rest of us — feeling like you’re in a never-ending cycle of cleaning — your jaw is going to drop over this genius (if a little silly) invention.

These microfiber mop slippers (similar ones available at Walmart) go over your feet and shoes and trap dust and debris as you walk around the house. They won’t be your *ahem* sole cleaning method, but if you’re walking anyway, might as well multitask! Best of all, you can throw them on the kids. Then they can inadvertently sweep up their own mess.

And we know your kids dread cleaning — heaven forbid you ask them to put their toys away! — but shoppers say wearing the slipper-sock hybrid is so fun that their kids are desperate to clean.

“Now [my kids] are begging to do it all the time. Parenting win.”

Each order of these cleaning socks comes with 5 pairs that can also be placed around a Swiffer Sweeper or used as a rag. While they are often used dry, feel free to spray a cleaning solution on them for added elbow (ankle?) grease. Once you’re done using them just pop ’em in the washing machine. It’s really no surprise that shoppers are such fans. (Psst! You could also wear them as gloves and wipe down fan blades!)

“These work great around the feet of furniture where fuzz gets stuck and the vacuum won’t get it. I use these under wood railing pickets too.”

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“It is fun for a game between my kids. Who can sweep the dust up faster.”

“My young kids help clean now! My two young kids have formed the ‘Kids Cleaning Crew.’ They put on these socks (I did have to sew them to make them smaller since ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t include feet of tiny humans), I turn on some dancing music, they grab the Melissa & Doug cleaning kit, and we dance and clean. My 4-year-old calls himself the King of the Kids Cleaning Crew and wears these at least once a week.”

I mean, c’mon. Something that gets the kids interested in cleaning at least once a week?! We’re sold.

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