Journalists Topics Range From Rural Pharmacy Deserts to Opioid Overdoses

KHN senior Colorado correspondent Markian Hawryluk discussed how a rural Colorado town is crowdsourcing ways to get prescription medicines delivered on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Monday.

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  • Read Hawryluk’s “How One Rural Town Without a Pharmacy Is Crowdsourcing to Get Meds“

KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal discussed how medical education changed during the pandemic on NPR’s “Here and Now” on Tuesday.

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KHN freelancer Amy Worden chatted about high vaccine hesitancy among prison staffers on Newsy’s “Morning Rush” on Tuesday.

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  • Read Worden’s “Most Inmates Have Had Their Covid Shots — But Their Guards Likely Haven’t“

KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani talked about new opioid overdose data on NPR’s “Morning Edition” on Thursday.

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  • Read Pattani’s “How ERs Fail Patients With Addiction: One Patient’s Tragic Death“

KHN senior correspondent Julie Appleby discussed hospital price transparency regulations on NPR’s “Morning Edition” on Friday.

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  • Read Appleby’s “Hospital Prices Must Now Be Transparent. For Many Consumers, They’re Still Anyone’s Guess.“

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