10 simple tips to prevent the Winter fat

Mulled wine, cookies, chocolate Santas and hearty dishes: In the season of Advent, it is especially difficult to hold the weight. A recent study shows, what are the things that help to resist the gluttony over Christmas time and to keep the weight off.

Enjoy the holidays a big role, however, leads often to increases in weight. Ten tips and at least twice weekly weigh-in helped the participants of the "Winter Weight Watch Study" to keep, degree: they had increased at the end of 0.49 kg less than participants in the control group, as the researchers from the universities of Birmingham and Loughborough reports. "On average, people take each year and up to a kilogram, what vacation and holidays, such as Christmas haben&quot a large proportion of;, the author of the Study Amanda Daley said. That during this time increase in weight will usually be lost later on. Over a longer period of time, the Feasting could lead to during the holidays so too a few extra pounds.

The ten tips to researchers in the near future:

  • Keep the Routine of their normal meals
  • Reduce Fat
  • You walk 10,000 steps per day
  • You eat healthy between meals
  • Pay attention to the nutrient content indicated on the packaging. Avoid foods with lots of fat and sugar
  • Be careful with large portions
  • You do not have to sit long, stand up every 10 minutes
  • Pay attention to calorie-containing beverages and alcohol
  • Eat slowly and consciously
  • You eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day

272 Volunteers were divided randomly in two groups. A group should weigh at least twice per week or better every day and to document your body weight. In addition, they received the ten tips for a successful weight management and a list of how much physical activity is needed to burn the calories in popular food and drinks: for example, it takes 33 minutes to walk to consume the calories of a small glass of mulled wine.