Able to brave the cold! With these three tips you to listen to freeze – Video

They freeze up constantly in the Winter? This doesn’t have to be. Because you can equip your body against the Minus-Grade: We will tell you three tips that will help you get used to your body in the long term the cold Season.

Wet cold snow, the icy Wind and frosty temperatures cool in the Winter, our body temperature down and leave us shivering. The Freeze depends on the subjective Feelings of the people. But it is also physiological reasons, such as metabolism, blood pressure, and weight all play a role.

But the Trembling doesn’t have to be. With the following three tips, you can readjust your body in the long term, and the cold temperatures withstand:

Regular Exercise

Who is also regular in Winter on the fresh air, accustomed to the cold receptors on the skin to the icy temperatures. The receptors are particularly distributed densely on the face, around the nose and mouth, and regulate the body’s own heat balance. The sensitivity to cold increases with time, moreover, the defenses to be strengthened forces.

Temperature Change

In the Winter, you should with the hot and cold temperatures play: FOCUS Online/Wochit The cruelty is not in vain: Therefore they should in the morning take a cold shower to train the vessels and leave you with less and less cold.

Warming Food

In addition, the consumption of warm spices and dishes is recommended. So steam is by no means meant the end of a Cup of tea. Instead the ingredient Capsaicin, found in Chili and bell peppers, triggers, a slight Burning sensation and heat in the mouth and body. Ginger, pepper, and garlic make for a long-lasting, warm feeling and also support digestion.

By the way: Since men have generally more muscle mass and a thicker skin, your body is better insulated than women or older people. Therefore, women freezing is usually faster than men.