Absolutely fantastic! Drones to deliver drugs to at-risk groups

You can see in the Video: drones to deliver drugs to at-risk groups.

Corona-times seem in some respects, drones are times, though, the unmanned flying objects are still hardly uncontroversial. Here in Ireland a company these days to deliver, not least older people of much needed items such as medications by drone from the air. Members of the risk groups should continue to – resident Fidelma Gleeson is thrilled: O-Ton:”Well, that means a lot to me! I am 70 years old and need a lot of medicine. And for that and for food and is absolutely fantastic with delivery by drone. I never thought I can experience something like that! So I don’T have to drive into town to get my things. So, it is an absolutely fantastic technology.” Such a drone can handle, according to the company per day 100 deliveries, each with four kilograms. Maybe the drone business could be an Alternative for some of the pilots that are currently being released among other things from the Ryanair in the light of the Corona-crisis.