The homeless in the conference hotel: the operator opens the doors and offers to help

Emergency power in solidarity and has led to a wave of initiatives in the whole of Germany – and especially to protect the most Vulnerable In this Hotel in the Mainz upper city overnight otherwise private travellers or conference guests. Due to the Corona-crisis, the Hotel has taken several homeless people. First of four, soon to be 25. One of them is Klaus Perlich. He is cared for a surgery by the Association of poverty and health in Germany.

O-TON Klaus Perlich, homeless pensioners, “I’m from the club offered to get, in the Hotel, which I accepted, of course, very happy. And now I have at least for a certain period of time, the certainty that I have more or less a home.”

Insulation and protection measures are to be adhered to for the homeless is very difficult. They are also vulnerable to being infected with the Coronavirus and then suffer a severe course of the disease.

O-TONE Gerhard Trabert, social physicians “What is not realize a lot of people these days that homeless people represent a high-risk group. And because you are frequently multi-morbid, so the various diseases, chronic diseases and therefore particularly vulnerable. (…) Many people are still living on the street, in containers, in emergency shelters, which are all risk factors.”