Anti-alcoholics suffer from alcohol-related Hepatitis – the cause of homeopathy

In the Indian state of Kerala, a 38-Year-old man presented to his Doctors with a puzzle. The Patient suffered from a chronic liver disease and went to treatment, because his health condition deteriorated, increasingly, His eyes were discolored to yellow, and his urine darkened, his legs swelled. The liver values of the man were a cause for concern. In the case of a biopsy, the Doctors found the magazine “British Medical Journal”, according to the scarring of the liver and diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

Due to this the findings suggest that not only due to his chronic fatty liver, but also an acute Hepatitis caused by excessive alcohol consumption. But one thing did not fit into the picture: The man claimed to be a perfect teetotaler. His family confirmed to the doctors that he was never a drop of alcohol drank. Other possible causes for Hepatitis, including pesticides and heavy metals in the blood, could be excluded after Tests. So why the liver of the man was so damaged?

The cause of the problem revealed itself only in a roundabout way

Until further discussions with the patient promoted the cause for its bad condition to light. Accordingly, the husband had given approximately a month earlier in the treatment of a homeopath, after his eyes for the first time, yellow discolored addresses. The reason is the so-called Gilbert syndrome, also as Morbus Meulen gracht known. This is a disorder that is caused by an increase in the degradation product Bilirubin in the blood. The trouble for the Affected may be disturbing, but according to the German liver help usually harmless. A therapy is not needed.

For the homeopath, the patient began however a treatment with pills and a liquid solution, which the man took. Two weeks after the start of homeopathic therapy, the man complained of discomfort. He felt sleepy and slurred while Speaking. The treatment was adapted to The intake of the liquid product was reduced, pills increases. After another two weeks had deteriorated further, however, he had the aforementioned symptoms.

A homeopathic solution is found for the patient, the opposite of a cure

As the Doctors learned of the homeopathic treatment was the reason for the poor condition of the patients awareness: The solution, which he took for a month regularly, contained an alcohol content of 18 percent. For the non-drinkers with chronic liver disease, the product was ultimately the opposite of a cure. It hurt him massively.

For patients, this discovery came too late. Although it was begun immediately the therapy, and the man delivers in a special clinic. About one and a half months after he had gone in ärtztliche treatment, he died a failure, but multiple organ.

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