Anxiety and depression after alcohol?

Those who drink plenty of alcohol, you have to live the next day, unfortunately, with the unpleasant consequences. In addition to Nausea, weakness, and headache, psychological complaints, up to and including panic attack possible.

Who does not know this: The alcohol feeling follows, containing high the hangover, which is not often through physical symptoms. For this change of mood, there is a simple reason for this: The euphoric effect of the Drink increasingly distributed happiness hormones dopamine and Endorphin’s going. "The memory of the messengers of positive substances in the brain, expressed in a simplified, once again auffüllen", Dr. Andreas Hagemann, Medical Director of the Röher Park hospital in Eschweiler, near Aachen, Germany, explains. From grief to bottle, is, therefore, of little help: it is Not unusual the Situation appears to be the next day even more gloomy and hopeless than before.

Hangxiety: fear of the Morning after

In the case of Anxiety or panic attacks after the consumption of alcohol experts talk recently of "Hangxiety" (engl. "hangover = hangover and "anxiety" = Fear). "The alcohol less and less Glutamate to be released and this means in the short term, less Angst", Dr. Hagemann explained. "The throttled production of this Neurotransmitter drives the next Morning, however, and also the feeling of fear grows significantly."

Alcohol föpromotes fear & Depression

Particularly fatal alcohol acts on the Psyche in the case of frequent consumption. As studies show, this can harm not only the institutions, but the Central nervous system. "While small amounts of alcohol is often relaxing, and artificial happiness can evoke feelings, suggests the positive mood with increasing alcohol consumption, often in Aggression and irritability um", warns Hagemann. Also, the (a-)sleep-promoting effect is only of short duration, because the quality of sleep suffers from enjoyment. "Instead of rested and fit I start with a deficit in the day and bar a mental illness Vorschub", so, the specialist.

Movement against bad mood

A positive impact on the mental health, social contacts, the impact of the according to experts. In addition to social gatherings, community game nights, hikes, or walks could be downright anti-depressant. Because it’s not just muscles, bones and joints benefit also the brain is positively activated: a short hike promotes blood circulation to certain regions of the brain by up to one-third, experts have calculated. This is not for the benefit only of the concentration and the memory, but also causes the brain to release more hormones of happiness. Also, the Sport could brighten up our mood even on overcast days. Movement promotes the production of the Neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, and thus, the feeling of happiness and joy. This is for a Start is actually never too late – the Okay of your doctor before the first Training provided.


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