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Much in connection with the human body and its functions is absolutely individual and in regulations to be recorded.

The Menopause is a woman. When it occurs, is dependent on a number of factors, only limited you can rely on genetics.

What is the Menopause?

The medicine referred to as Menopause, when the period for zwööf has ausgetzt months and no external factors, such as, for example, the breast-feeding of a baby or the influence of hormonal contraceptives, could be responsible for it.

On average, women reach Menopause at 51 years of age, but also here it can come to strong deviations.

The age of the women, countries it is also across very different and in addition to the genetics, depending on the circumstances of life and the individual life style. Smoking, for example, may be one such factor.

The Curious thing: The natural Menopause can only be used in Hindsight to assess, since no woman knows, whether the current period will be the last.

More Sex and no longer fertile?

Starting in January 2020 in the ‘Royal Society Open Science Journal’ published study, the previous research results on this topic were.

This showed a correlation between the onset of the Menopause and the marital status of a woman. Accordingly, the Menopause set in the case of married women later.

For the study, a total of 2936 women between the 42. and 52. Years of age not interviewed who were pregnant and a healthy Uterus had. The analyzed data were generated within the framework of the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation Study (SWAN).

This is a US-American long-term study that collects data on the biological us to physiological changes associated with the female Menopause.

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At the beginning of the study, 78 percent of the women surveyed are married or in a relationship, 68 percent lived together with your Partner.

Due to the assumption that the Occurrence of Menopause is associated with the frequency of Sex, were asked the women to their sex life. 10 years after the start of the study, a so-called Follow-up Interview took place.

“We have observed that the women who had during the investigation period, weekly Sex, came up with a 28 percent less likely to be severe in the Menopause, than women who had their own information to less than once a month Sex,” the study authors Arnot and Mace.

Co-author of the study Ruth Mace, Professor of Evolutionary anthropology at University College, London, stresses, however, that the results are at best seen as a reference to the described context.

“It is not sure that a lot of Sex would move in the forties or fifties, a woman’s Menopause is actually to the rear”, says Mace the results.


  • Arnot, M. et al.(2020): Sexual frequency is associated with age of natural menopause: results from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation, retrieved on 17.01.2020:

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