Danger of abscesses! When you have to with pus pustules necessarily to the doctor

Not a subject on which one speaks: pus is unappetizing, but has important functions. FOCUS Online explains what the colors, what diseases can be behind it and why you rather once too much than too little the doctor look at it.

  • Color and odor of the pus to allow conclusions to be drawn on the causative pathogens.
  • Pus is a reaction of the body to destroy pathogens and create.
  • Antibiotics are pus often urgently needed, such as in the case of pus on the eye or the tooth root.

Small pus pimples with yellow heads, anyone who has made it through puberty knows. The small pustules are formed, if, for example, a Pore is clogged on the skin and bacteria ignite. Then arises in the context of the inflammation of the pus. The body fluid is always a sign that the body is fighting a bacterial infection.

But what is the meaning of pus in the different areas of the body, and when it is a case for professional treatment by the doctor?

Pimples and abscess with pus in the face

The most frequently pus pimples in the face . They occur to the hair follicle, sebaceous and sweat glands outputs. Bacteria that live in small numbers on the skin and in the affected Pore, were, are encapsulated and can multiply freely. It is a small capsule accumulation of pus, medical abscess is formed. The abscess of the hair follicle, the doctor known as boils .

This abscess capsule is to prevent pus and bacteria get in the bloodstream and in the worst case, a blood poisoning (Sepsis). Until the pus pimple is “ripe”, so his development has reached its peak, and the immune system begins slowly to dismantle, does the skin site by the way very hurt and is pressure sensitive.

In the case of larger pus pimples on face better to the doctor

For each of the pus, pimples, abscess, or boils in the area of the face shall not apply: Press of the pus around the bumps, so that the bacteria from spreading. Of blood vessels in the face, you can be brain washed.

Abscesses that are smaller than three millimeters, the skin usually heal after a few days. With a Zugsalbe or abscess ointment from the pharmacy, you can speed up this process.

Larger specimens should have a doctor, best skin doctor treat. He treated the abscess with an ointment bandage or remove it surgically. Sometimes antibiotics are needed in addition.

Pustules in the mouth

A particularly unpleasant pus pimples in the mouth. They can form at all Points of the mucous membrane of the mouth, most of the so-called free sebaceous glands (Fordyce glands), if there is a tiny injury to the skin bacteria on the hands. These pustules are not to be confused with canker sores . The bubbles are probably caused by a virus.

Inflamed periodontal pockets and jaw abscess

Small pus pimples in the mouth generally heal quickly on its own. Support the anti’s mouth Sept rinses.

Much more painful, however, purulent diseases, such as abscesses are abscess in a periodontal pocket in periodontitis , an inflammation of the root of a tooth or a Jaw. Here have bacteria via passageways (fistulas) to the bone.

Less frequently, inflammation of the salivary glands. About a salivary stone blocking the exit of the glands in the mouth, forming pus. Abscesses in the gums, jaw, and salivary glands must be treated by the dentist. Local treatment and antibiotics are not important for the bacteria to spread.

Pus in the throat – tonsillitis, and scarlet fever

Formed in the neck of a purulent inflammation, hurts every SIP. When you look in the throat, the white points are skins (Stippchen) on the mucous membranes and the tonsils (if present) is clearly visible. They are the leading Symptom of a tonsillitis (Tonsillitis), and scarlet, and inflammation of the throat (Pharyngitis). Usually a high fever occurs.

Neck pain with fever

A severe sore throat, white Stippchen or deposits on the pharynx and tonsils must clarify the doctor. He will prescribe usually antibiotics. If left untreated, the risk that the pus encapsulates and about a tonsil abscess is formed.

Conjunctivitis and other causes of purulent eye

Inflammation of the eyes does not hurt sometimes. An alarm signal is, however, if the eye that is said to secrete eyelid margin and the connective tissue of the eye, pus. This can be a Symptom of a bacterial or viral eye infection (such as conjunctivitis ). But it is also a foreign body in the eye can cause this reaction.

By the way, purulent eye occur with certain STDs, such as chlamydial infection or gonorrhea (the clap) . Then came through smear infection of the pathogen to the eyes.

Purulent eyes are always a case for the eye doctor. If left untreated, the infection can spread to inner areas of the eye to scarring and in the worst case cause loss of vision. With prescription eye drops and ointments (such as cortisone), the inflammation treated, and the dangerous consequences to be avoided. If a foreign body is the cause of the inflammation, removes him to the doctor.

Facilities to destroy pathogens and remove

But what is pus and what is its function? The bright yellow-to-greenish thick to liquid mass consists of

  • dead white blood cells (leukocytes)
  • Fabric remnants
  • Fragments of destroyed bacteria

The Leucocytes, more specifically, a sub-groups of them, called phagocytes, and hydrogen peroxide against pathogens. With the help of the enzyme Myeloperoxidase (MPO), of the pus, the green colour gets, they transform hydrogen peroxide into hypochlorous acid.

This very aggressive acid rips covers, holes in the Bacteria and the pathogens die off. The surrounding, healthy tissue is spared, however, as a study by the University of Basel now found out.

Green pus, yellow pus: It depends on the bacteria

The different color of pus is not only indicative of certain enzymes to support the defensive struggle, as the MPO. So his color is a streptococcal infection rather yellow-thoroughly. Streptococcus trigger of a tonsillitis, but also scarlet fever. Yellowish pus also suggests staphylococci, these bacteria live on the skin and the mucous membranes, are the cause of Abscesses, but also bladder infection.

Conclusion: Small pus-quantities – for example, in the case of a pimple in the face – the body can usually easily remove it. In the case of larger collections of Pus, such as in the case of an infected wound, an abscess or pus on the eye, should be consulted to the doctor, to prevent further tissue destruction, as well as the risk of blood poisoning is to be avoided. As a rule of thumb: In case of pus better to have too much go to the doctor than once too little.