The risks and side effects of your health Minister…

The German health system may have its flaws, an achievement is, however, not to underestimate the value of: Whether the statutory health insurance must reimburse the cost of therapy depends on the level of knowledge of medical research. Treatments must be paid for, if you are a proven good, safe and effective. The decision is made by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), in which representatives of Physicians, hospitals and health insurance funds high-quality scientific studies to evaluate.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to make these decisions now rather in his Ministry, regardless of the evaluation of the G-BA. The be Amendment 28 for the date of service and supply act (barrier strip connector) in front of, at least, is that he has presented in the past week. The Ministry in an E-Mail to restrict cases to the MIRROR with the “absolute exception”, does not change anything, as long as it says so in the Amendment itself.

Refund decision alone

Jens Spahn has the threaded sent: In the foreground of the thrust of the Minister of women suffering from so-called lipedema. This is an often-painful fat distribution disorder which can be due not treated. To the right of the Concerned wish for in a timely manner to better therapies.

Probably not could help you get a liposuction, it is proved that yet, however. For a sufficient evaluation of this therapy good studies are lacking, therefore, the G-BA also for Fund performance. Spahn wanted to help the victims of the now “quickly and unbureaucratically”, it means from his Department.

In reality, Spahn jerky so that the foundations of our health care system. “The way in which arbitrariness and state medicine” would be inevitable, says G-BA-in-chief Joseph hedges, and he’s right. Just because a Minister or his Department is keeping a therapy for sense, do not need to be there for a long time. To put it bluntly: If Spahn finds soon to be Reiki, Schüßler salts or aroma therapy prima, will have to pay the funds for it?

To stay with the example of the liposuction: The procedure entails a variety of risks, which may only be taken if the opportunities for the improvement of the complaints outweigh. But who knows, if no one checks the study location? Then submit the reports of experienced medical professionals? Or the anecdotes of the neighbor, at the time of the liposuction a great cast?

Jens Spahns push would catapult back to a time in which traditional Knowledge is the most important guiding principles. In the best case this would only be expensive. Because the community of solidarity would have to carry on your health insurance, therapies, there might be better Alternatives. In the case of the already scarce resources that would fight the Distribution is still significantly exacerbate.

In the worst case, the consequences would be even dangerous to life. Because not every indication for an approved therapy is useful, safe and well. The risk-Benefit analysis, lack also the basis for a therapy decision is missing. In addition, an untested treatment might be preferred, perhaps, even a proven – effective therapy with an uncertain outcome.