Endurance training sharpens the mind

A new study shows that brain power in adults benefits at any age of a regular endurance training. Possibly even age-related loss of brain functions can thereby be stopped. While such studies usually restrict to older generations, were included in this study, young adults.

Scientists from Columbia University were 132 persons between 20 and 67 years for almost six months, four times per week endurance training. The Training improved their mental abilities, including the processes, the Plan for the Think, and Solve problems are important. The positive results were observed also in adults of 20 years, the effect with increasing age was stronger.

"The mental performance usually achieved around the age of 30 years, your Maximum. I think that endurance training is good, in order to recover lost functions to regain or to steigern", Yaakov Stern, head cognitive neuroscience, said in the Department of neurology.

The endurance training was four times exercised per week on self-selected devices, until a predetermined heart rate has been reached. At the beginning and after 12 and 24 weeks, mental skills, processing speed, language, attention and memory tested.


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