Professor explains: With the 24-hour-emergency-Plan, you get rid of a cold

Of Ron Eccles is convinced, now Professor Emeritus at the University of Cardiff in the UK. He has prepared the Plan, with which you can escape the cold in just one day. His advice he of the “Daily Mail revealed” years ago. Of their effect, he is convinced, even today, he confirmed on request.

But beware: A real improvement can cause the program only with a slight runny nose. The next day, relief should. You have captured, however, a proper cold helps due to the emergency program, the only damage it does but in any case, says Ron Eccles. “The good thing about my tips, they are all gentle home remedies. You are, of course, and you can’t overdose. In addition, they are also suitable for children as it is for old people.

This is a 24-hour emergency program

7 PM: Shower

Early in the morning you should take a hot shower. This dissolves the mucus and the body comes in motion and is nicely brought pleasant from the outside temperature.

8 Am: Breakfast

A rich Breakfast with lots of vitamins is important, especially if you get sick. Eccles recommends Breakfast cereals with oat flakes, dark grapes, blueberries, Apples, nuts, and natural yoghurt. Also, enough fluid is important. His expert tip: For Breakfast a glass of freshly squeezed orange drink juice.

10 P.m.: Tea

Hot tea works wonders. The expert recommends a fresh Cup of thyme tea with honey. Thyme, with its essential Oils expectorant, the tea reduces the cortisone level, and at the same time strengthens our battered immune system. “Everything is hot and tastes good, is good for us”, explains the Professor Eccles.

12 PM: Walk

Get out in the fresh air! Even if it is cold outside, you should wrap up warm and take a short walk in the fresh air. Because exercise strengthens the immune system. It had to be a but, the body needs rest. Sport, therefore, is taboo – especially if a fever is in the game.

13 O’clock: Lunch

For lunch, there is then a plate of chicken soup. It is regarded as the broth for the Sick, as the nutrients of your ingredients to strengthen demonstrably the immune system. Lean chicken meat has a high Zinc content, to include the classic vegetable additions, leeks, celery, carrots and onions. The vegetables Vitamin K, beta-carotene, and special secondary plant substances with anti-inflammatory effect. You can Refine the soup with herbs: Bay leaves, cloves and thyme.

15 PM: Tea

After a break, after lunch, another Cup of tea. What strain is of secondary importance. Optionally, you may according to Eccles, a glass of fresh orange juice to drink according to what tastes better and what you fancy the most.

18 PM: Dinner

For dinner, a spicy food is particularly suitable with a lot of vegetables. Dr. Eccles tips: for a delicious Cup of vegetables with ingredients such as chilli, Curry and ginger. This makes the respiratory system and kills bacteria. The wonder weapon garlic: The tuber contains important bioactive substances are substances that have no nutritional character, but as a health-promoting apply. Garlic is good for blood, heart and blood vessels. Among the bioactive substances in garlic, Allicin, among other things. The fabric absorbs free radicals and ensures that cell membranes in the body no harm.

21:30: Footbath

In order to support the body and its own defense forces, one should go to bed early. Before a warm foot bath but is still on the program. Physicians Eccles’ Secret Weapon: Mustard Flour. This boosts the blood circulation. Just three tablespoons of mustard flour and meal of around 37 degrees warm water, stir and your feet in a bath before going to bed.

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