Health booster ginger tea: 4 mistakes will destroy its positive effect

Runny nose, cough, fatigue, malaise: In the cold autumn time, we are again more susceptible to colds. Fortunately, there are practical home remedies to alleviate symptoms and the immune system back to the dam.

Particularly effective for flu-like effects of fresh ginger tea has been proven. The sharp hot drink is anti-inflammatory in the body, strengthens the immune system and warms you wonderfully from the inside. So geht's: a few pieces of ginger in a Cup of boiling water, the Sud – done the healthy potion!

However, one should note in the preparation of some things, so ginger tea can unfold its full effect. These four typical preparation mistakes you should avoid.

1. Ginger tuber peel

You should not peel the sharp tuber, because their peel contains valuable ingredients.

Wash the ginger thoroughly, and remove, where appropriate, brush the dirt with a Vegetable. Then the Plant is cut into pieces. Tip: Access to ginger from organic cultivation, this often contains more essential Oils than conventional ginger.

2. Ginger cut to early

Many first, cut the ginger and let the pieces until the water boils. Not a good idea, because in time, the Plant loses a part of its ingredients. To avoid this, you should cut the tuber just before the Boil.

3. To hot or cold water

Don’t wait too long to pour the boiled water over the ginger.

In the case of ginger tea, the infusion temperature should be the boiling point beziehunsgweise köchelnd. That means that it to rise a few small air bubbles out of the water.

4. Not enough pull

A minimum of five minutes steeping time needed ginger tea, you should drink it. You like it a bit spicier, leave the hot drink quietly for ten minutes.

Julia Are