In Sweden, the most to be saved preemies

The first-class care of the newborn in Sweden by the world’s highest survival rate under extreme preemies noticeable. In the past ten years significant improvements in the rescue of babies were made, which were more than born 3.5 months early.

In the case of Swedish babies came in week 22 to 26 of the pregnancy to the world, decreased the stillbirth rate of 30 per cent in the years 2004 to 2007 to 23 percent in the years 2014 to 2016, while the survival rate rose from 70 to 77 percent. The good news was that it increasingly came to complications in the newborn, but even to a reduction in brain – and lung damage. The number of other problems, such as the eyes and stomach complications, has remained unchanged. The largest improvements were achieved in the case of babies, the in the 22. Week were born with a birth weight of between 290 and 730 grams.

"Even if there are individual hospitals with similar results in the world, this survival rate in the whole country of Weltklasse", Mikael Norman, Professor of Pediatrics at the clinic of Department of science, Intervention and technology at Karolinska Institute in Sweden, says.

All Swedish hospitals participated in the study. At 2.205 women during pregnancy to complications, the extreme had early births. In the UK, France and the United States, the survival rate of the babies born in week 22 to 26 is about 50 percent. In many comparable countries-born babies to survive this time, as before, rarely.