Movement lifts the mood

Not only in healthy people, Sport is an effective method to improve the mood: in the case of persons with a mental illness movement lightens the mood and helps to feel overall more energetic.

Sport and movement often, a better mood and feel more energy. This is found by scientists from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in collaboration with the Intramural Research Program of the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States. The effect was more pronounced in persons with bipolar disorder is even stronger than in healthy study participants. The more Sport you drove, the more energetic they felt. Between sleep and movement, the opposite relationship was found, however, More movement was followed by less sleep, and Vice versa.

Particularly in the case of persons suffering from bipolar disorder, was influenced by the mood sharply due to sleep and physical activity. "The Regulation of sleep, physical activity, and mood used to be always examined separately. This work shows how important it is that these systems are isolated and do not to betrachten", study leader Dr. Vadim Zipunnikov, a Professor in the Department of biostatistics of the Bloomberg School, says.

For the study, physical activity was measured at 242 volunteers in the age from 15 to 84 years. They were examined for relationships to entries in an electronic diary in which the participants had recorded their mood and energy level. Among the participants, 54 were suffering from bipolar disorder.